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Name: EGLI, Florian

Records found: 39
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Compact cassette

InfoEGLI, Florian (MC5533)
InfoTerry & The Hot Sox: Real rock drive; K-TEL; 534 MCH (MC2939)

Compact Disc

InfoAce of my heart. Hayden Chisholm & Lucerne Jazz Orchestra featuring Lucia Cadotsch; MT22 (CD63270)
InfoCaruso: Honeymoon deluxe; MONDSTEIN; MRW005 (CD40962)
InfoClaudio Puntin, LJO: Berge versetzen; UNIT RECORDS; UTR 4257 (CD61187)
InfoEllis Mano Band: Ambedo; JAZZHAUS RECORDS; JHR 197 (CD119044)
InfoEllis Mano Band: Here and now (CD68995)
InfoFlorian Egli's: The murder of Amus Ames. Murderish good music...; UNIT; 4261 (CD16919)
InfoFlorian Egli Weird Beard: Everything moves; INTAKT; 265 (CD46662)
InfoFlorian Egli Weird Beard: Everything moves; INTAKT; CD 265 (CD65985)
InfoFlorian Egli Weird Beard: Orientation. Florian Egli, Dave Gisler, Martina Berther, Rico Baumann; INTAKT; CD 291 (CD65761)
InfoGabi Stiefel Band: Away; MOON; C 016 (CD7038)
InfoHeinrich Müller: Chain of pearls; SOUND SERVICE; 260806-2 (CD38316)
InfoJonas C. Haefeli: Motion picture soundtracks; 311299 (CD22824)
InfoJürg Wickihalder Orchestra: Narziss und Echo. With Tim Krohn and Manuel Perovic; INTAKT; 209 (CD34368)
InfoLive at The Bird's Eye Jazz Club. Volume 18. Innovation is tradition. (Sampler); LABE 18 (CD67790)
InfoLive at The Bird's Eye Jazz Club. Volume 20. Groove. (Sampler); LABE 20 (CD117428)
InfoLucerne Jazz Orchestra: Don't walk too far; UNIT RECORDS; UTR 4236 (CD58701)
InfoLucerne Jazz Orchestra: Oaktree; QFTF; 017 (CD63533)
InfoLucerne Jazz Orchestra: Still now; UNIT RECORDS; UTR 4325 (CD34864)
InfoLukas Meier: The hub (CD116552)
InfoPascal Gamboni: Everybody wants the honey (CD69691)
InfoPeter Reber: Timbuktu; PHONAG; 81141 P (CD17912)
InfoRaphael Jost: Don't blame me; UNIT; 4515 (CD40513)
InfoSincerely yours, Swiss Jazz Orchestra. 10 Jahre. Live; (Set) (CD69505)
InfoTerry & The Hot Sox: Hit collection. Daddy Tell (Willhelm tell twist), Chick-a-little-cutie, Milkshamademoiselle, Tel me the Truth, Baby, Giddi up a Ding-Dong, Hamburg, Teendream-Medley, Hot sox Bop; BLUE MARTIN; 330016-2 (CD3448)
InfoThe Soulmates: From now on (CD50254)
InfoTom Kelly Band: Breakdown; FAREWELL; 160863 (CD46)
InfoUnit Records. (Sampler); UNIT; 4398 (CD38060)
InfoUrsina: When I let go; RADICALIS; RMG267 (CD122175)
InfoUrsina: You have my heart; RADICALIS; RMG007 (CD63422)
InfoWeird Beard: Away; UNIT; 4354 (CD34769)

LP record

InfoSofa: Midnight Shuffle; MX 007 (LP2732)
InfoTom Kelly Band: Breakdown; MEMORY MUSIC; 518 (LP20424)
InfoUrsi Baur Band: Überfall; VOXPOP; 4023 (LP1305)
InfoUrsina: When I let go; RADICALIS; RMG268 (LP23327)

Microgroove record

InfoSofa: 33/45; MX 0002 (LP5174)

Remote access electronic resources

InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2012: Weird Beard (FILE3257)
InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2014; Jazzgespräche 2014 (FILE3033)

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