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Acetate disc

Loudspeaker & InfoRADIO SVIZZERA-ITALIANA SERVIZIO TECNICO; 3092; Orchestra radiosa; Sulle rive del Ceresio; Ticinella; Bionda bella bionda; Vecchi ricordi (HR821)
Loudspeaker & InfoRADIO SVIZZERA-ITALIANA SERVIZIO TECNICO; 429; Orchestra radiosa; La Radiosa e i suoi cantanti; You call everybody darling; Angustia; Perché non sognar; Into each life = In ogni vita; Porque = Perché; Abbandonati a me; Cottontail; Où est-tu mon amour = Dove sei amor mio; Sei venuta per me (HR806)
Loudspeaker & InfoRADIO SVIZZERA-ITALIANA SERVIZIO TECNICO; 934; Orchestra Radiosa; Madonna primavera. Fantasia musicale (HR972)
Loudspeaker & InfoRADIO SVIZZERA-ITALIANA SERVIZIO TECNICO; Quando ti stringi a me; Quando ti stringi a me (HR4955)

Compact Disc

Loudspeaker & InfoJAZZ ELITE SPECIAL; 73414; Hazy Osterwald and his bands. Rare and historical jazz recordings (CD20174)

LP record

Loudspeaker & InfoE.S.P. COLLECTION; 77106; The best of swing. George Scheibel Big Band, Eddie Brunner and His Original Teddies, Kurt Edelhagen Big Band, Hazy Osterwald and his Orchestra, Teddy Stauffer's Original Teddies. (Sampler) (LP5897)
Loudspeaker & InfoELITE SPECIAL; SJLP 6307; The Golden Swing Years. A collection of historical recordings 1942-1947. Eddie Brunner and the Original Teddies, Ernst Höllerhagen Quartet/Quintet, Hazy Osterwald Orchestra, Philippe Brun Sextet, Swingtette Jerry Thomas, Flavio Ambrosetti Sextet, Buddy Bertinat Trio (Sampler) (LP6683)
Loudspeaker & InfoMUSICA HELVETICA; SBC (SWISS BROADCASTING CORPORATION) MH 11+12 (Set); The Swiss Jazz Scene, Vol. 1. The Early Years; The Swiss Jazz Scene, Vol. 2. Parameter (1970) by George Gruntz (LP1399)

Sound documents "Mesures d'urgence"

Loudspeaker & InfoFantasia dell'Orchestra Radiosa (DAT12983)
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