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Name: FLÜKIGER, Fredi

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Compact cassette

InfoOhre Würm 3. 14 neue Kinderlieder von Schweizer Bands. (Sampler); TUDOR; 77768 (MC39343)
InfoPro Musica, die Kassette; TWW (MC16424)
InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 1992: Co Streiff Sextett (MC54464)

Compact Disc

InfoBrom: Dogfish love; REC REC; NROZ-3 (CD6391)
InfoCo Streiff Sextet: Loops, holes & angels. Co Streiff, Tommy Meier, Russ Johnson, Ben Jeger, Christian Weber, Fredi Flükiger; INTAKT; 119 (CD40369)
InfoCo Streiff Sextet: Qattara; INTAKT RECORDS; 078 (CD26661)
InfoCompilation of Moods. (Sampler) (CD63654)
InfoJaz in Zürich. (Sampler); INTAKT; CD 099 (Set) (CD30749)
InfoKadash am Berg; UNIT; 4106 (CD15501)
InfoKadash & The Nile Troup; UNIT; 5006 (CD17369)
InfoKadash: Federlos; UNIT; 4082 (CD9216)
InfoKadash: Senoi & Semangelof; DOLUNAY; 3 (CD3675)
InfoLes Reines Prochaines: Protest und Vasen; MAKE UP; make 16; EFA 05184-2 (CD27043)
InfoMich Gerber: Mystery bay (CD15459)
InfoOhre Würm 3. 14 neue Kinderlieder von Schweizer Bands. (Sampler); TUDOR; 8168 (CD17705)
InfoOhrewürm 1,2 & 3. (Sampler); TUDOR; 76660 (Set); 978-3-03776-488-6 (CD59205)
InfoOrkester Ben Jeger: Aria! Operacircus; LABEL USINES; 009 (CD35347)
InfoOrkester Ben Jeger: Idraulica!; LABEL USINES; LUS 004 (CD29602)
InfoPale Nudes: Soul come home; MAKE UP; 2 (CD17362)
InfoRadio Osaka; BOY; 018 (CD6990)
InfoRadio Osaka: Solarize; REPTILE; 007 (CD23716)
InfoRadio Osaka: X fade; BOY; 022 (CD12367)
InfoSchtärneföifi: Heimlifeiss; TUDOR; 8167 (CD19011)
InfoSkampler 4. (Sampler); LEECH; 023 (CD21358)
InfoThe Happysad: Country guerilla; KILLING FLOOR; 03 01 (CD24845)
InfoTobende Ordnung; UNIT RECORDS; UTR 4055 (CD5384)
InfoTommy Meier: Root down; INTAKT; 135 (CD44056)
InfoTommy Meier Root Down Orchestra: Tahrir; UNIT; 4715 (CD62997)
InfoTommy Meier Root Down: The master and the rain; INTAKT; 181 (CD61184)
InfoWIM Radio days. (Sampler); STV/ASM 001 (CD19297)

Compact Disc Recordable

InfoThe Ice On Fire-Orchestra: Ice on fire. The embassy of Switzerland in Kuwait. Playing on occasion of Ice On Fire, a Swiss Kuwait cultural event, 10-17 february 2001, celebrating Unesco's designation of Kuwait-arab cultural capital 2001 (CD48773)

DAT cassette

InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2000: Co Streiff Sextett (DAT21631)

LP record

InfoArkadas; DOLUNAY; 1 (LP4645)
InfoArkadas: Live in Poland; DOLUNAY; 2 (LP455)
InfoBrom: 1 Zorn; MACH; 90-30 (LP6203)
InfoBrom; EBS; 8600472 (LP517)
InfoFederlos = Federlosband (LP4117)

Remote access electronic resources

InfoJazz Festival Willisau 1997: Co Streiff "Tobende Ordnung" (FILE721)
InfoJazz Festival Willisau 2008: Tommy Meier & Root Down Orchestra (FILE929)
InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 1992: Co Streiff Sextett (FILE2143)

S record

InfoHinz + Kunz; Ridin' high; Bodyshaping; MUSK PROJECT; 10-848 (S8907)

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