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Name: GASPARINI, Francesco

Records found: 23
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Compact Disc

InfoBock uf Rock; BMMP006 (CD117472)
InfoBuck Sarah: Personality; ELITE SPECIAL; 73717 (CD40136)
InfoDie grössten Schweizer Hits. Stadt & Land. 40 Original Hits! (Sampler); UNIVERSAL; 531 351-0 (Set); 531 351-1; 531 351-2 (CD50336)
InfoFrancesco Gasparini: Sonate e cantate. Fons Musicae; Monique Zanetti, soprano; Pascal Bertin, controtenore; YasunoriImamura, Tiorba e direzione; PANCLASSICS; 10189 (CD41322)
InfoMaz: Lampefiebär; MUVE; 901412 (CD18824)
InfoOliver Benz: The curtain (CD54330)
InfoRedwood: A 1000 punches; TBA; 9885-2 (CD33130)
InfoRedwood: Best laid plans; TBA; 9527-2 (CD36380)
InfoRedwood: Everythingundertesun; MUVE; 903362 (CD30042)
InfoRedwood: Fat chance! Two decades of Redwood; TBA; 8045-2 (CD36488)
InfoRedwood: Of butterflies and hurricanes; TBA; 9798-2 (CD15924)
InfoRedwood: Redwho..?; TBA; 8120-2 (CD67835)
InfoRedwood: We're all gonna die; TBA; 9647-2 (CD43237)
InfoRekrutenspiele Aarau und Bern; AMOS; 5693 CD (CD2896)
InfoRock Arena. Sampler; MUVE; 905722 (Set) (CD46169)
InfoSeven: Soul; COLUMBIA; 88725464342 (CD34900)
InfoSeven: Soul; NATION MUSIC; 0007-2 (CD59895)
InfoSwedish: Seelensurfen; MONKEY.MUSIC; 001 (CD43411)
InfoTobias Preisig: Chapter one (CD36213)
InfoWhazzup?: A walk thru town; 0015 (CD13994)

Compact Disc Recordable

InfoWhazzup?: Flying high (CD59684)

Radio broadcasts

Info11.01.1980; L'oracolo de fato. Azione scenica in due parti; Canti armeni, per soprano e pianoforte
Info18.01.2005; Armati; Dimmi cara; Datti pur pace; Vorrei poter morire; Deh, lasciatemi il nemico

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