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Name: GOETZ, Mike

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Compact cassette

InfoJazzburgers: From New Orleans to swing with Mike Goetz; LIVERPOOL; MRK 469 (MC3157)
InfoJazzburgers: Jazzburgers history 1978-1988; LIVERPOOL; MRK 511 (MC3158)
InfoSwingin' round Switzerland. (Sampler); SWISS RADIO INTERNATIONAL; CCJ MC 3310.4 (MC32220)

Compact Disc

InfoBuddha Scheidegger, Mike Goetz: In concert. We've got our fingers crossed. Piano duos in the Harlem stride tradition; DOWNTOWN RECORDS; CD 9202 (CD18391)
InfoBurt De Kord and his Dutch Dixieland Pipers featuring François Rilhac; DOWNTOWN; 9207 (CD18396)
InfoCharly Antolini And The Swiss Jazz Crusaders, Thomi's Dixieland Music: Chicago dixieland swiss made. Featuring: Pierre Bouru, Rolf Cizmek, Raymond Court, Matthias Geiger, Mike Goetz, Markus Hächler, Jean-Yves Petiot, Daniel Thomi, Ernst Weber, Michel Weber; DOWNTOWN; 9203 (CD18392)
InfoDaniel Thentz 4tet: Secret love; DT. MUSIC; 001 (CD1997)
InfoDoc Cheatham meets The Swiss Dixie Stompers plus two at the Int. Old Time Jazz Meeting Biel-Bienne. Live at Kongresshaus; NEWLAND; NCD 951 (CD18401)
InfoHigh handed. Dinu with... Acoustic Blues Brothers, All PUrpose Blues Band, The Box, Che & Ray, Champion Jack Dupree, Driving Wheel, Freeway 75, The Harlem Ramblers, Travis Moonchild Haddix, Polo Hofer, Matthias Kohli, Chris Lange, Rolf LL Lüthi, Oteljam, Project Deer, Hank Shizzoe, Soulin' Crash, Christoph Stiefel & Band, Roland van Straaten; BLUE NOSE; 050 (CD26030)
InfoHot Strings: Swing from Berne with love; DOWNTOWN; 9216 (CD15333)
InfoIt's dixieland time. Unvergessliche Soliste und Bands der Schweizer Jazz-Szene. (Sampler); READER'S DIGEST; 21 0754831 72 (Set) (CD62281)
InfoJohn Barnes meets the Swiss Dixie Stompers + one at the Int. Old Time Jazz Meeting Biel-Bienne 1997; NEWLAND; 972 (CD18516)
InfoLake City Stompers: The greatest hits; PHONOPLAY; 7450 (Set) (CD21129)
InfoMarkus Hächler: 70 minutes of my music life. Trumpet and vocal; JAZZ ELITE SPECIAL; CD 73616 (CD22897)
InfoMike Goetz, Keith Nochols: The music of Thomas "Fats" Waller. We wonder what the poor people are doing tonight; PALMER, Jack; WILLIAMS, Spencer; BLOOM, Rube; KOEHLER, Ted; DOWNTOWN; 9221 (CD25489)
InfoMike Goetz: Master of Harlem stride piano. Compositions by Fats Waller, James P. Johnson, Willie The Lion Smith, Joe Turner, Eubie Blake, Dick Wellstood, Henri Chaix, Johnny Guarnieri, Don Ewell, Claude Hopkins, Pat Flowers, Jaki Byard, Gene Rodgers, Luckey Roberts, Duke Ellington, Neville Dickie, Lennie Felix; DOWNTOWN; 9209 (CD18398)
InfoMike Goetz Quartet: Swingin' after midnight. Mike Goetz, Menno Daams, Reggie Johnson, Gregor Beck; DOWNTOWN; 9220 (CD23979)
InfoNeville Dickie, Buddha Scheidegger, Mike Goetz, Dave Ruosch: Stride summit. Tribute to Henri Chaix. Recorded live at the Stride Summit Meilen/Herrliberg; DOWNTOWN RECORDS; DR 9219 (CD22803)
InfoNeville Dickie, Mike Goetz: We got rhythm. Jazz on two pianos; DOWNTOWN; 9214 (CD18422)
InfoOld Rivertown Jazzband: Riverboat shuffle. Dixieland jubilee; DOWNTOWN; 9204 (CD18393)
InfoRuth Margot: When times change = We Zyt änderet; AW9704 (CD22757)
InfoSwingin' round Switzerland. (Sampler); SWISS RADIO INTERNATIONAL; CCJ CD 3310.2 (CD8700)
InfoThe Aces Of Syncopation: Sidney!; DOWNTOWN; 9217 (CD36325)
InfoThe Harlem Ramblers Dixieland-Jazzband: 2000. Mike Goetz, piano; JAZZ ELITE SPECIAL; 73438 (CD21732)
InfoThe Harlem Ramblers Dixieland Jazzband with Mike Goetz, piano, featuring Travis Haddix: Knee deep in the blues; JAZZ ELITE SPECIAL; 73413 (CD17628)
InfoThe Jazz Connexion: Strike up the band; ELLINGTON, Duke; HODGES, Johnny; GERSHWIN, George; GERSHWIN, Ira; RAYE, Don; ARMSTRONG, Louis; STYNE, Jule; CAHN, Sammy; CASTLETOWN RECORDS; CT 5701 (CD25388)
InfoThe Young Generation Of Swing: Blame it on my youth. In concert at the Rems-Murr-Jazztage, Volume 1; DOWNTOWN; 9205 (CD18394)
InfoThe Young Generation Of Swing featuring Peanuts Hucko: In concert at the Rems-Murr-Jazztage, Volume 2; DOWNTOWN; 9206 (CD18395)
InfoVeen, Goetz, Tegler: Three me in a beat. Three men in a beat; DOWNTOWN; 9238 (CD46770)

LP record

InfoKARO1; Zurich Insurance presents Swiss Jazz Crusaders (LP16202)

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