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InfoAltrisuoni: Best of. Since 1993. (Sampler); ALTRISUONI; AS250 (CD45322)
InfoAltrisuoni Midem 2009. (Sampler); ALTRISUONI; AS274 (CD50167)
InfoArmin Bachmann: All yours; LUMUSIC.CH; LUM0250 (CD117853)
InfoBroken Dreams: Von ihren Träumen Sprach Sie nie. Hommage an Sophie Taeuber-Arp. Alexandra Pruusa, Gesang; John Wolf Brennan, piano, melodica; Peter Gossweiler, bass; NARRENSCHIFF; NAR 2007034 (CD69224)
InfoClaudia Muff: Musik als Poesie; PHONOPLAY INTERNATIONAL; PCD 9071 (CD117882)
InfoCount Gabba. The Lady's gone. The song remains; GOLDON RECORDS; GR 001 (CD58736)
InfoEcoute-moi: L'ombre de ton chien; ELITE SPECIAL; 73652 (CD30216)
InfoFanny Anderegg Quartet: Home; META RECORDS; 055 (CD68673)
InfoFanny Anderegg Quartet: La figlia dal vent (CD121482)
InfoFanny Anderegg Quartet: La figlia dal vent (CD32909)
InfoFanny Anderegg Quartet: Le 8ème jour; ALTRISUONI; AS242 (CD45337)
InfoHeidi Happy: Hiding with the Wolves; TWO GENTLEMEN; 023-2 (CD31539)
InfoKaama: Romance; ALIBI RECORDS (CD28943)
InfoKaama: Secrets; UNIT; 4163 (CD33961)
InfoKatja Mair Trio: Not alone. Featuring Roberto Bossard & Thomas Lüthi; YVP MUSIC; 3153 (CD58713)
InfoKeller's 10: Two; UNIT; 4463 (CD38415)
InfoKeller's 10; UNIT; 4213 (CD48671)
InfoQuartett Claudia Muff: Passion d'accordéon II; ZYT; ZYT 4933 (CD64646)
InfoQuartett Claudia Muff: Spielrausch; EIGENVERLAG (CD65932)
InfoRed Lips, Vol. 2; 978-3-033-01392-6 (CD42272)
InfoRietberg Montessori Schule Zürich: Rietberg Rhythms. Es singen die Schülerinnen, Schüler und Kindergartenkinder der Rietberg Montessori Schule Zürich; SPECTRUM VIDEO; SP-PR 06-02 (Set) (CD17264)
InfoScience Fair: Welcome to the Science Fair; ALTRISUONI; AS216 (CD40282)
InfoSim 4: Faked bacon (CD47466)
InfoTrio Cappella: Allerhand (CD64645)

Enhanced CD

InfoUnderwater by The Science Fair; ALTRISUONI; AS297 (CD61188)

Remote access electronic resources

InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2008: Fanny Anderegg Quartet (FILE3156)

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