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Name: GSCHWEND, Peter

Records found: 20
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Compact cassette

Loudspeaker & InfoSwingin' round Switzerland. (Sampler); SRI; CCJ MC 3310.4 (MC32220)

Compact Disc

Loudspeaker & InfoFranco Ambrosetti Quintet: Long waves. Franco Ambrosetti, John Scofield, Uri Caine, Jack DeJohnette, Scott Colley; UNIT; UTR 4907 (CD69504)
Loudspeaker & InfoJazz in Switzerland, 1930-1975. (Sampler); ELITE SPECIAL; 9544002/1-4 (Set) (CD14722)
Loudspeaker & InfoJazz in Switzerland, 1930-1975. (Sampler); MUSICA HELVETICA; SBC (SWISS BROADCASTING CORPORATION) 107-110.2 (Set) (CD14317)
Loudspeaker & InfoJesper Thilo, Bob Barnard, Henri Chaix, Stephan Kurmann, Romano Cavicchiolo: Strike up the band; SACKVILLE; 2-2050; WRC8-7348 (CD26414)
Loudspeaker & InfoRed Hot Peppers: Memories of New Orleans; SOUVERÄN; 845004 (CD68)
Loudspeaker & InfoRed Hot Peppers: Swing that music. New Orleans. Guest: Vernel Fournier. Raymond Court, François Hofer, Michel Weber, Franz Biffiger, Thomas Hunziker, Hans Steiner, Peter Gschwend; HORN; 201 191 (CD6929)
Loudspeaker & InfoSwingin' round Switzerland. (Sampler); SRI; CCJ CD 3310.2 (CD8700)
Loudspeaker & InfoThe Jazz Connexion: Strike up the band; ELLINGTON, Duke; HODGES, Johnny; GERSHWIN, George; GERSHWIN, Ira; RAYE, Don; ARMSTRONG, Louis; STYNE, Jule; CAHN, Sammy; CASTLETOWN RECORDS; CT 5701 (CD25388)

Compact Disc Recordable

Loudspeaker & InfoKRAMER, Alfred; KRAMER, Alfred; KRAMER, Alfred; KRAMER, Alfred; KRAMER, Alfred; KRAMER, Alfred; KRAMER, Alfred; KRAMER, Alfred; KRAMER, Alfred (CD38034)

LP record

Loudspeaker & InfoErnestine Anderson: Never make your move too soon; CONCORD JAZZ; 147 (LP17015)
Loudspeaker & InfoIm Röseligarte. Schweizerische Volkslieder. (Sampler); ZYT; 33 (LP11395)
Loudspeaker & InfoOrchester Eric Hauser: Something to remember. The shadow of your smile, On a slowboat to China, Chiquillo, Ma vieille romance, If I had you, Twilight time, Something to remember, When you smile, Campesino, On a clear day, My golden baby, My blue heaven, Dinah, You are the sunshine of my life; CBS; 81933 (LP10433)
Loudspeaker & InfoOscar Peterson: Digital at Montreux; PABLO; 2308-224 (LP19498)
Loudspeaker & InfoRed Hot Peppers. Chicago-blues-dixieland jazzmen; COLUMBIA EMI; 13 C054 33928 (LP19785)
Loudspeaker & InfoRed Hot Peppers: Chicago-blues-dixieland Jazzmen; EMI COLUMBIA; 3 E 054-33 849 (LP10462)
Loudspeaker & InfoRed Hot Peppers: Live at the De Ville Jazz House Bern; HORN; 81228 (LP17233)
Loudspeaker & InfoSupersax & L.A. Voices; CBS; 25604 (LP17223)
Loudspeaker & InfoThe Hana-Fontana Band: Live at Concord. Featuring Jake Hanna and Carl Fontana; CONCORD JAZZ; 11 (LP15659)

Magnetic tape

Loudspeaker & InfoJazz Konzerte Willisau 1978: Dexter Gordon Quartet (26BD864)
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