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Name: HAUSER, Mark

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Loudspeaker & Info5696; The Clients Funk Society: Dr. Watson. 2nd edition (CD37800)
Loudspeaker & Info888174480640; Marco Pollastri: Usserhalb (CD67831)
Loudspeaker & InfoACD 1144; Felix Knüsel: Before I go. Adrian Zinniker, Markus Hauser, Dieter Ammann (CD17750)
Loudspeaker & InfoANOTHEN RECORDS; 020407-2; Empire State Quintet: Benjamin Sujesh (CD26404)
Loudspeaker & InfoCCC; 5796; Marco Figini and The Clients Funk Society: Doctor Watson (CD12962)
Loudspeaker & InfoEMI; 7243 8370462 0; Contrast Family: Colors of life (CD10784)
Loudspeaker & InfoFelix Knüsel, Dieter Amman, Markus Hauser, Stephan Athanas, Adrian Zinniker: Timelines and cycles (CD57711)
Loudspeaker & InfoFRESH MUSIC; FMCD 134; Gogo: The tapes 1972-1996. Live & Übungsraum- Aufnahmen, 25 Jahre Aarauer Rock Blues Jazz (CD67628)
Loudspeaker & InfoFunkology (CD17128)
Loudspeaker & InfoHauser-Baader: Live at Jazzbaragge (CD47403)
Loudspeaker & InfoJCD 1002; André Kunz & Jump World: Rejected live (CD23503)
Loudspeaker & InfoLP MUSIC; 3971; Loris Peloso: Storia personale (CD14082)
Loudspeaker & InfoMarc Amacher: 8 days (CD68250)
Loudspeaker & InfoMark Hauser: A tribute to Art Pepper (CD47606)
Loudspeaker & InfoMark Hauser: Live at Baerechaeller (CD47399)
Loudspeaker & InfoMark Hauser Quartet: It's all about the journey (CD48256)
Loudspeaker & InfoMark Hauser Quintet: Milonga del angel. Mexican boleros y tangos, vol. 2. Featuring Heriberto Heri Paredes (CD27974)
Loudspeaker & InfoNOISE PRODUCT; 39252-2/7624; PowderRose: Same old game (CD58417)
Loudspeaker & InfoON SALE MUSIC; 09010-1; On Blues Rock, Switzerland - Olten (CD116435)
Loudspeaker & InfoPHONAG RECORDS; 0082032PHO; Nickless: Chapters (CD65847)
Loudspeaker & InfoSeat music session, presented by Phil Dankner. Live in Gstaad 10. Juli 2009 (CD70182)
Loudspeaker & InfoSeat music session, presented by Phil Dankner. Stars on tour 2010 (CD116608)
Loudspeaker & InfoSHANTI RECORDS; 639; 082414-5; The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra: Future steps. Live at Jazzaar Festival 2014, Aarau, Switzerland. Directed by Fritz K Renold.Featuring Randy Brecker, Mike Manieri, Christian Jacob, Alphonso Johnson, Rodney Holmes, Kevin Bryan, Markus Hauser, Christian Kramer (CD45978)

Remote access electronic resources

Loudspeaker & InfoJazz Festival Willisau 1998: Terri Line Carrington - Martin Koller (FILE743)
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