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KUSTER, Oliver
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Compact Disc Recordable

Loudspeaker & InfoJürg Bucher Quartet: The music of Herbie Nichols (CD22668)

Compact Disc

Loudspeaker & Info160307; Pola: Oh my God what have I done! (CD40232)
Loudspeaker & Info270805-2; Pola (CD34070)
Loudspeaker & Info280815; Patric Marino, Oli Kuster: Die Astronauten; 978-3-033-05168-3 (CD44699)
Loudspeaker & Info888; Nadja Stoller: Alchemy (CD44220)
Loudspeaker & InfoAlpine Spacelab: Transalpin (CD47967)
Loudspeaker & InfoBUSSICD002; Electric Blanket: How much peanut butter (CD56551)
Loudspeaker & InfoCOFFEE; 06; Swiss toasted slices. Selected by Toaster. (Sampler) (CD24313)
Loudspeaker & InfoDER GESUNDE MENSCHENVERSAND; Fitzgerald & Rimini: Grand Tour; 978-303853-005-3 (CD42923)
Loudspeaker & InfoElectgric Blanket: Hymnt to myself (CD33468)
Loudspeaker & InfoEMI; 07243 866769 2 4; Mich Gerber: Tales of the wind (CD30283)
Loudspeaker & InfoEVEREST RECORDS; 054; A. Spell: Where the strange creatures live (CD36414)
Loudspeaker & InfoFAZE; SOUND SERVICE; 010; 240409-2; Lumi: All these things (CD54361)
Loudspeaker & InfoLENOX STUDIO; LX0990012; Walliser Musikpuzzle: Unsere Welt (CD3134)
Loudspeaker & InfoLMCD 112000; Jürg Bucher Quartet: The music of Herbie Nichols (CD26502)
Loudspeaker & InfoMicha Sportelli: One of the lost (CD35616)
Loudspeaker & InfoNAGEL-HEYER RECORDS; 2098; Gilbert Paeffgen Trio: X99 (CD34959)
Loudspeaker & InfoOSTRING; Oring 025; Herdsmen And Swine (CD13077)
Loudspeaker & InfoRENT A DOG; 2010-2; Manufactur: Flambitres (CD42601)
Loudspeaker & InfoSOUND SERVICE; 120604-2; Züri West: Aloha from Züri West (CD29942)
Loudspeaker & InfoSOUND SERVICE; 150199-2; Rob Da Mob: [Interessant] (CD18700)
Loudspeaker & InfoSOUND SERVICE; 151103-2; Züriwest: Retour. 20 Jahre (CD28675)
Loudspeaker & InfoSOUND SERVICE; 230410-2; Züri West: Home Rekords = HomeRekords; 3-03739-081-6 (CD16394)
Loudspeaker & InfoSOUND SERVICE; 250801-2; Züriwest: Radio zum Glück (CD24578)
Loudspeaker & InfoSOUND SERVICE; 40801-2; Züriwest: Ohni di (CD43674)
Loudspeaker & InfoSTRICHCODE; 330 336-2; Sounds like Switzerland. Music makes the world go 'round (CD33592)
Loudspeaker & InfoTBA; 9461-2; The ring thing. Music from and inspired by the motion picture The ring thing (CD30807)
Loudspeaker & InfoTBA; 9714-2; Fusion Square Garden: Neu nouveau novità (CD50147)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIT; 4060; Doctor Blocher: Free fall chicken factory (CD6623)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIT; 4178; Oli Kuster Kombo: Oerlikon (CD39876)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIT; 4215; Oli Kuster Kombo: Flokati (CD58006)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIT; 4398; Unit Records. (Sampler) (CD38060)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIVERSAL; 983 140 3; Di schönschte Schwiizer Duett. Florian Ast et Francine Jordi, Sina et Polo Hofer, Martin Schenkel et Tami, Jeff Turner et Sandra Studer, Salome et Dankel Kandlbauer u no viu meh! (Sampler) (CD34135)
Loudspeaker & InfoVERLAG DER GESUNDE MENSCHENVERSAND; Fitzgerald & Rimini: Aristokratie und Wahnsinn; 978-3-905825-26-8 (CD31838)
Loudspeaker & InfoVIRGIN; 07243 590250 2 5 (Set); Lunik: Weather (CD28769)
Loudspeaker & InfoVIRGIN; 07243 597605 2 0; Lunik: Weather (CD29308)
Loudspeaker & InfoWELTRECORDS; SOUND SERVICE; 7619954 442274; Mich Gerber: Tales of the wind (CD116210)

LP record

Loudspeaker & InfoKEKSE PRODUCTION; KE180909; His Dog Bingo: Grape fruit tears = Grapefruit tears (LP22263)

Remote access electronic resources

Loudspeaker & InfoHis Dog Bingo: Grapefruit tears (FILE1603)
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