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Name: MURPHY, Anna

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Compact Disc

InfoAbinchova: Weltenwanderer; MASSACRE RECORDS; DP1016 (CD67915)
InfoAnna Murphy: Cellar darling; BYM001 (CD41337)
InfoAppearance of Nothing: In times of darkness; ESCAPE MUSIC LTD.; ESM328 (CD124487)
InfoAxxelerator: Head of trails; ALLEGRO TALENT MEDIA; ATM 004 (CD122633)
InfoBiscuit Jack: We belong together; ROCKARCHIVE (CD48168)
InfoCellar Darling: The spell; NUCLEAR BLAST; 27361 45320 (Set) (CD121657)
InfoCellar darling: This is the sound; NUCLEAR BLAST; 3947-2 (CD67914)
InfoEliane: Reset; 6003 RECORS GmbH; 89660032229 (CD125021)
InfoEluveitie: Everything remains as it never was; NUCLEAR BLAST; 27361 24792 (CD33184)
InfoEluveitie: Evocation 1, The arcane dominion; NUCLEAR BLAST; 27361 22992 (CD33186)
InfoEluveitie: Helvetios; NUCLEAR BLAST; 27361 27932 (CD33872)
InfoELUVEITIE: Live on tour; CONCERT LIVE; LC 419 (CD34578)
InfoEluveitie: Origins; NUCLEAR BLAST; 27361 32172 (CD47995)
InfoEluveitie: Slania. 10 years; NUCLEAR BLAST; 27361 45980 (CD118016)
InfoEluveitie: Slania; NUCLEAR BLAST; 27361 20792 (CD33185)
InfoEluveitie: The early years. Ven; Spirit (CD62131)
InfoEluveitie: The early years. Ven; Spirit; NUCLEAR BLAST; 27361 29140 (Set); 2914-0-1; 2914-0-2 (CD34737)
InfoEva Zihlmann, Katrin Zihlmann: Hoppelihopp & Lotta. 21 hasenstarke und hennenschöne Kinderlieder; ZYTGLOGGE; ZYT 4385 (CD124775)
InfoGraber: Schatten Klang (CD117773)
InfoHaïr Drÿer: Haïradise (CD40662)
InfoHenrik Belden: Barrique Barrel; NATION MUSIC; 0298 (CD34420)
InfoICARUS; 896 (CD42000)
InfoIrij "Same Zgode... ...koje se ne mogu dogoditi!"; MERI TADIC (CD38981)
InfoJimmy-Flitz. E Muus im Bundeshuus. Musik-Hörspiel von Roland Zoss, mit Pedro Lenz, Dajana Wetzel, Knackeboul, Christine Lauterburg, Steff la Cheffe, Hanery Amman u.a.; SOUND SERVICE; 060316-2; 978-3-03739-325-3 (CD67650)
InfoJimmy-Flitz: e Reis dür d Zyt, 5. Musik-Hörspiel von Roland Zoss, mit Pedro Lenz, Steff la Cheffe, Dajana Murphy, Corin Curschellas u.a.; SOUNDSERVICE; 050915-2; 978-3-03739-324-6 (CD47654)
InfoJimmy Flitz Hits 2. Roland Zoss, Christine Lauterburg, Anna Murphy, Tinu Heiniger, Hanery Amman, Steff la Cheffe; SOUNDSERVICE; 220817-2; 978-3-03739-346-8 (CD65934)
InfoJohn Wolf Brennan: Nitty gritty ditties. Nonsolopiano. Red trilogy, volume 1; LEO RECORDS; CD LR 902 (CD118416)
InfoLucky Wütrich: Steady; FUNK HOUSE BLUES; FHB101075 (CD122115)
InfoMoira: Île du bonheur; TOURBO MUSIC (CD122958)
InfoMonotales: Weekend love; TRADE MARK (CD62974)
InfoNucleus Torn: Golden age; PROPHECY; PRO 120 (CD118233)
InfoNucleus Torn: Neon light eternal; PROPHECY; PRO 160 (CD118236)
InfoNucleus Torn: Street lights fail; PROPHECY; PRO 156 (CD118235)
InfoOlivier Bregnard: La rentrée (CD68305)
InfoPhilipp Fankhauser & Margie Evans live at Mühle Hunziken, unplugged; SONY MUSIC; (Set) (DVD353)
InfoPhilipp Fankhauser: Heebie, jeebies. The early songs of Johnny Copeland; FUNK HOUSE BLUES; FHB101518 (CD125032)
InfoPhilipp Fankhauser: Home; SONY MUSIC (CD42963)
InfoPhilipp Fankhauser: Let life flow; SONY MUSIC; 92120000002 (CD69822)
InfoPhilipp Fankhauser: Watching from the safe side. Reissue-album with eleven origianl and four unreleased songs; 7649989101013 (CD121484)
InfoRedeem: Paperthin skin; RENT-A-RECORD COMPANY (CD124644)
InfoRoland Zoss: Baumlieder, Vol. 1. Bäume des Nordens; SOUND SERVICE; 121018-2; 978-3-03739-335-0 (CD67993)
InfoRoland Zoss: Baumlieder, Vol. 2. Bäume des Südens; SOUND SERVICE; 040319-2; 978-3-03739-356-7 (CD68959)
InfoS'bescht schwiizer Hits Album wo's git, 2014. Bo Katzman Chor, Lo & Leduc, Plasma, Gölä, Trauffer, Franz Arnold's wiudä Bärg, Dabu Fantastic, Eluveitie, Bligg, Kunz, Tiziana und vieli anderi. (Sampler); UNIVERSAL; 535617-4 (CD42461)
InfoSchammasch: Hearts of no light; PROSTHETIC RECORDS; PROS103732 (CD117079)
InfoSissy Fox: Skip the universe (CD44827)

Digital versatile disc

InfoNucleus Torn: Blowing up the entire world, explosions 1997-2015; I; Nihil; Knell; Andromeda awaiting; Golden age; II; Krähenkönigin; Silver; Submission; Travellers; A promise of sunlight; Waywaters; III; PROPHECY; PRO 180 (Set) (DVD473)
InfoPhilipp Fankhauser & Margie Evans live at Mühle Hunziken, unplugged; SONY MUSIC; (Set) (DVD353)

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