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Name: STRÜBY, Claudio

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Compact Disc

InfoAndreas Maili's Knom: Cuckoo nutz; ALTRISUONI; AS252 (CD46143)
InfoAndy Scherrer, Jean-Paul Brodbeck, Fabian Gisler, Claudio Strüby: Bearcat. A tribute to Clifford Jordan (CD117434)
InfoColliding Particles; UNIT; UTR 4632 (CD63387)
InfoJean-Paul Brodbeck Trio: Extra time; ENJA; YELLOWBIRD; YEB-7774 (CD63539)
InfoJoe Haider Trio: Waltz for ever; DOUBLE MOON; DMCHR71351 (CD68034)
InfoMax Frankl: Fernweh; UNIT; 4533 (CD44086)
InfoMichael Dubi, Claudio Strüby, Stefan Rusconi, Domenic Landolf: Prochain arrêt Copenhague; TCB; 26602 (CD39874)
InfoOdd Beholder: Lighting; MOUTHWATERING RECORDS; 018 (CD47434)
InfoReto Anneler: Trottoir; UNIT; 4255 (CD60974)
InfoRusconi + Fred Frith: Live in Europe; QILIN; 007 (CD46490)
InfoRusconi: History sugar dream; QILIN; 004 (CD39603)
InfoRusconi: It's a sonic life; SONY MUSIC; 88697630822 (CD60119)
InfoRusconi: One up down left right; SONY MUSIC; 88697392102 (CD57855)
InfoRusconi: Revolution; BEE JAZZ RECORDS; 056 (CD35441)
InfoRusconi: Revolution; QILIN (CD36538)
InfoRusconi: Stop & go; SONY MUSIC; 88697459882 (CD60106)
InfoRusconi Trio: Scenes and sceneries; BRAMBUS; 200488-2 (CD29864)
InfoRusconi Trio: Stop & go; UNIT; 4180 (CD39518)
InfoStrayhornmonk; UNIT; 4195 (CD43503)
InfoThomas Lüthi's Biwak: Springfall; UNIT; 4618 (CD46799)
InfoThomas Lüthi's: Biwak; UNIT; 4376 (CD34962)
InfoTino Horat Trio: Tell me; 10.2009 (CD19589)
InfoUnit Records. (Sampler); UNIT; 4398 (CD38060)

Enhanced CD

InfoChristoph Irniger: Chat noir; BRAMBUS; 200725-2 (CD45017)

Remote access electronic resources

InfoLea Lu: I call you; LL RECORDS (FILE3239)
InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2014: Rusconi (FILE3284)

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