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STRAATEN, Roland van
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Loudspeaker & InfoRoland Van Straaten: Zurich Catania (CD35160)

Compact Disc

Loudspeaker & InfoBLUE NOSE; 050; High handed. Dinu with... Acoustic Blues Brothers, All PUrpose Blues Band, The Box, Che & Ray, Champion Jack Dupree, Driving Wheel, Freeway 75, The Harlem Ramblers, Travis Moonchild Haddix, Polo Hofer, Matthias Kohli, Chris Lange, Rolf LL Lüthi, Oteljam, Project Deer, Hank Shizzoe, Soulin' Crash, Christoph Stiefel & Band, Roland van Straaten (CD26030)
Loudspeaker & InfoCOLOMBA; 891-01; Andreas Vollenweider: Book of roses, sixteen episodes in four chapters (CD9141)
Loudspeaker & InfoFUN KEY; 38003; Checkerboard Blues Band & Margie Evans: Blues for the lady. Very special guest: Roland van Straaten, Blues Harp (CD1664)
Loudspeaker & InfoHORIZONS; 011/2 (Set); Vic Vergeat Band and friends: No compromise (CD27557)
Loudspeaker & InfoKilian Fuhrer: Der Falschschreiber. Mein Umgang mit dem Buchstabensalat (CD116990)
Loudspeaker & InfoMGB; 9204; Corin Curschellas: Music loves me (CD5251)
Loudspeaker & InfoPHONAG; 81204 P; Roland Van Straaten: Coral love dance (CD24395)
Loudspeaker & InfoPHONAG; P 81133; Roland Van Straaten: Zürich Catania (CD16567)
Loudspeaker & InfoSwiss Artists Agency: Your event our stars. (Sampler) (CD43381)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIVERSAL; 100 506-2; Roland Zoss: Härzland (CD29389)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIVERSAL; 178 834-5; Bligg: 0816 (CD53009)
Loudspeaker & InfoWARNER MUSIC; 8573838682; Swiss Blues Authority feat. Polo Hofer and Friends: Kind of blue (CD23144)
Loudspeaker & InfoZYT; 4535 (Set); Best of Zyt 30. (Sampler) (CD10256)
Loudspeaker & InfoZYT; DRS; 4969; 89.04.119; Linard Bardill: Aufs Leben los. (Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis 1989) (CD1419)

LP record

Loudspeaker & InfoFUN KEY; 18003; Checkerboard Blues Band & Margie Evans: Blues for the lady. Very special guest: Roland van Straaten, Blues Harp (LP6129)
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