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Name: SUMI, Roland

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Compact Disc

InfoBest of Boris Pilleri's Jammin' The Blues; SOUND SERVICE; 300416-2 (CD48115)
InfoBiagio Valentino: Initiation (CD37194)
InfoBruno Dietrich: Aarezyt; MERCURY; 532 306-2 (CD11840)
InfoBruno Dietrich: Château Dopamin; K27102018 (CD68244)
InfoBruno Dietrich: ... naninana...; SOUND SERVICE; 120999-2 (CD20251)
InfoChristophe Meyer: Jura Zik (CD43544)
InfoDietrich: The key; K23012014 (CD40651)
InfoDr Dietrich: Erschti Hiuf; K1112016 (CD63187)
InfoDraven: Desire; PHONAG; 81223 (CD27098)
InfoGigi Moto: Drive me home; PHONAG; 0081665PHO (CD44567)
InfoGigi Moto: Local heroes; SOUND SERVICE; 160218-2 (CD65850)
InfoGigi Moto: Lucky; PHONAG; 0081399PHO (CD65849)
InfoHillbillies From Outerspace: Silver and gold; HEAR WE GO; 38239 (CD14149)
InfoJammin': Dynamo; FUN KEY; 38056 (CD16560)
InfoJammin' feat. Rhonda Dorsey (CD37307)
InfoJammin': Radio edit's; MERCURY; 858113-2 (CD42240)
InfoKelta; H2U; 003 (CD40011)
InfoLukas Eichenberger: Prägt; PHONAG; 0081894PHO (CD67908)
InfoMarc "Cuco" Dietrich: B!arn Bluus (CD121595)
InfoMarlboro Rock-in (CD118565)
InfoPaz: Mi pazión; COD-TUXEDO; 39811 (CD13607)
InfoTony Sieber Trance Dance: Visions; PHONAG; P 81190 (CD23880)
InfoTrance Dance by Tony Sieber: Wonderland; PHONAG; 81172 P (CD22408)
InfoVera Kaa: 50 ways; BOX TON; 1005 (CD31511)
InfoVera Kaa: Family collection; BOX; 21CD (CD116327)
InfoYvonne Moore: Nomad; ZYTGLOGGE; 4884 (CD29955)

Compact Disc Recordable

InfoDietrich: The key. Promo CD zum Album (CD46239)

Enhanced CD

InfoSandee: Meh vo mir; SOUND SERVICE; 050305-2 (CD30920)

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