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Name: TRACHSEL, Rita

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Compact Disc

InfoLoverfield Jazzband. The Happy Dixieland Band: Matinee-Dixie; WEBA; 9000 CD (CD2145)
InfoLoverfield Jazzband: The happy dixieland band, Opus 5; WEBA; 9830 CD (CD16555)
InfoMuku-Tiki-Mu. 25 Instrumental-Playbacks zu den CDs 1 & 2; SOUND SERVICE; ORELL FÜSSLI; 40301-9; 3-908250-46-3 (CD23822)
InfoMuku-Tiki-Mu. Weltkindermusik von Roland Zoss, Album 2. 13 Songs; SOUND SERVICE; 290901-2; ORELL FÜSSLI; 3-908250-47-1 (CD26089)
InfoRoland Zoss: Liedermärli 4. Ds tapfere Schnyderli; Brüederli & Schwöschterli. Märchen-Musical mit Dixieband und Harfe; SOUND SERVICE; 120806-2; ISBN 3-03739-008-5 (CD40279)

LP record

InfoLoverfield Jazzband; HS-RECORD; 8836 (LP16744)

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