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Name: WOLFARTH, Christian

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Compact Disc

Info10 WIM Pern. (Sampler); UNIT; 4047 (CD4790)
Info50 Jahre Berner Rock. Sampler; ZYTGLOGGE; 4610 (Set) (CD59295)
InfoBurkhard Beins, Enrico Malatesta, Michael Vorfeld, Christian Wolfarth, Ingar Zach: Glück. Contemporary percussion music; MIKROTON; 38 (CD44317)
InfoChristian Weber: 3 suits & a violin. Hans Koch, Michael Moser, Martin Siewert, Christian Wolfarth; HAT OLOGY; 634 (CD39512)
InfoChristian Wolfarth: 3-3-2; PERCASO; 15 (CD11753)
InfoChristian Wolfarth: 39; HIDDENBELL RECORDS; 013 (CD124112)
InfoChristian Wolfarth: Acoustic solo percussion, vol. 1-4 & remixes. Rashad Becker, Hans Joachim Irmler, Joke Lanz, Günter Müller; HIDDENBELL; 006/007 (Set) (CD36744)
InfoChristian Wolfarth, Donat Fisch: Circle & line; UNIT; 4118 (CD20069)
InfoChristian Wolfarth: Scheer; HIDDENBELL; 008 (CD39214)
InfoCircle & line: 2. Donat Fisch, Christian Wolfarth; LEO RECORDS; CD LR 552 (CD59099)
InfoDer Verboten; CLEAN FEED; CF445CD (CD64968)
InfoDonat fisch, Christian Wolfarth: Circle and line 3; QFTF; 088 (CD68901)
InfoDuos 2011; FLEXION RECORDS; flex_003 (CD65766)
InfoEdu Haubensak & Tomas Korber: Works for guitar & percussion. Buck-Wolfarth; HAT HUT EZZ-THETICS; 1014 (CD116630)
InfoElisabeth Harnik: Superstructure. Holding up a bridge. All Ears Area & Studio Dan Ensembles; TROST RECORDS; TR215 (CD124033)
InfoErnesto Rodrigues, Ricardo Guerreiro, Christian Wolfarth: All about Mimi; CREATIVE SOURCES RECORDING; CS 240 (CD44717)
InfoErsatz ist besser. Christian Wolfarth, Franz Aeschbacher; ARCHE Z; CD 002 (CD5600)
InfoFrantz Loriot, Christian Wolfarth, Jason Kahn: Köln; EDITIONS; 013 (CD125262)
InfoGünter Müller, Jason Kahn, Christian Wolfarth: Drumming; CREATIVE SOURCES; CS 049 (CD38335)
InfoJason Kahn, Günter Müller, Christian Wolfarth: Limmat; MIKROTON; 7 (CD16799)
InfoJohn Wolf Brennan, Bertrand Denzler, Christian Weber, Christian Wolfarth: Momentum 3; LEO RECORDS; CD LR 355 (CD26195)
InfoJohn Wolf Brennan, Gene Coleman, Christian Wolfarth: Momentum; LEO RECORDS; 274 (CD20082)
InfoJonas Kocher: Perspectives and echoes. Luc Ferrari: Tautologos III; BRUIT; CD bR9 (CD124363)
InfoMagda Vogel, John Wolf Brennan: Sculpted sound; ALTRISUONI; AS165 (CD30349)
InfoMalatesta, Wolfarth: Mirrors; P!?; 015 (CD16807)
InfoMersault: Raymond & Marie; FORMED RECORDS; 107 (CD48779)
InfoMersault. Tomas Korber, Christian Weber, Christian Wolfarth; QUAKEBASKET; 23 (CD40292)
InfoMichel Wintsch, Christian Weber, Christian Wolfarth: Thieves left that behind; VETO RECORDS / EXCHANGE; 012 (CD44707)
InfoMichel Wintsch, Christian Weber, Christian Wolfarth: Willisau; HAT; 725 (CD38411)
InfoMomentum 2: The law of refraction. John Wolf Brennan, Gene Coleman, Christian Wolfarth, Alfred Zimmerlin; LEO RECORDS; 296 (CD23172)
InfoTell: Tonal-nagual; ROSSBIN RECORDS; 030 (CD59084)
InfoThe music of Katharina Weber, Jack Callahan, Alex Goretzki & Alfred Zimmerlin. Christian Buck, guitar; Christian Wolfarth, percussion; EDITION WANDELWEISER RECORDS; 1511 (CD46788)
InfoTwopool: Traffic bins; ORIGIN; 82610 (CD33714)
InfoVorwolf: Snake's eye; FORMED RECORDS; 109 (CD48767)
InfoWIM Radio days. (Sampler); STV/ASM 001 (CD19297)
InfoWolfarth; FOR 4 EARS; 1658 (CD35891)
InfoWWW. Wintsch, Weber, Wolfarth; LEO RECORDS; CD LR 467 (CD38804)

Compact Disc Recordable

InfoChristian Wolfarth & Jason Kahn: Percussion/voice; CONFRONT; ccs 81 (CD65989)
InfoHermann Bühler: Attractors. Hermann Bühler, as, cl,bcl; Robert Morgenthaler, tb; Christian Weber, b; Christan Wolfarth, dr; DREAMSCAPE MUSIC; DSM 4762 (CD23962)
InfoRomano Nardelli, Aldo Sandmeier: Il jazz in Svizzera. I batteristi, parte 4. (Sampler) (CD45681)

DAT cassette

InfoSolothurner Literaturtage 2002; Lesung Sabina Naef (DAT21427)

LP record

InfoChristian Wolfarth: Souvenirs; HIDDENBELL RECORDS; 012.2020 (LP22921)
InfoChristian Wolfarth: Spuren; HIDDENBELL; 009 (LP21673)
InfoIrmler Wolfarth: Illumination; KLANGBAD; 57LP (LP17931)
InfoPhilipp Schaufelberger, Christian Wolfarth: Discover anthropology!; WIDE EAR RECORDS; WER 042 (LP22525)
InfoThe holistic words of Wintsch-Weber-Wolfarth; MONOTYPERECORDS; 010 (LP18953)

Microgroove record

InfoDer Verboten; WIDE EAR RECORDS; WER052 (LP23150)
InfoFrantz Loriot, Christian Wolfarth: The call; SHH PUMA; SHH042LP (LP22382)
InfoJason Kahn, Christian Wolfarth: Spirits; Editions 009 (LP22944)

Remote access electronic resources

InfoJazz Festival Willisau 2012: WWW Wintsch - Weber - Wolfarth (FILE978)
InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2020: Anthropology! Interview (FILE4010)
InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2020: Anthropology! Konzert (FILE4009)

S record

InfoChristian Wolfarth: Acoustic solo percussion, volume 1; HIDDENBELL; 001 (S8373)
InfoChristian Wolfarth: Acoustic solo percussion, volume 2; HIDDENBELL; 002 (S8681)
InfoChristian Wolfarth: Acoustic solo percussion, volume 3; HIDDENBELL; 003 (S9001)
InfoChristian Wolfarth: Acoustic solo percussion, volume 4; HIDDENBELL; 004 (S9362)

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