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Name: ZINGG, Silvan
Records found: 16
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Compact cassette

InfoStar hill boogie; Steel dragon; A hundred and four strings B.; Honky tonk train; New Orleans; St. Louis blues; Changes in boogie woogie; Hymn to freedom; Organ Grinder's swing; Boogie for Hadda Brooks; King street special; C-jam-blues; Root beer rag; Spanish rolls drag; Pinetop's boogie woogie; New honky tonk train; Farish street jive; Pete top boogie; I scream for ice cream; Lazy cat; One more... please; Blues mood just before midnight (MC35074)

Compact Disc

InfoMaggiore! New Orleans jazz Ascona 2000. What a wonderful world. (Sampler) (CD23414)
InfoMaggiore! New Orleans Jazz Ascona 2001. (Sampler); MANUFACTURED by TECNEL 60469 KH-CD 01 (CD24399)
InfoMaggiore! New Orleans Jazz Ascona 2003. (Sampler) (CD27749)
InfoMartijn Schok Boogie Woogie trio & Silvan Zingg Boogie Woogie Duo: Double up Boogie; OLDIE BLUES; OL 7113 (CD22614)
InfoPalco ai giovani 2001. Live. Lugano, piazza Riforma. (Sampler) (CD24380)
InfoRicky Nye, Christoph Steinbach, Silvan Zingg, Stefan Ulbricht, Chris Conz, Gary Scott, Nuno Alexandre, Mario von Holten: International Boogie Night Uster (CD63723)
InfoSilvan Zingg: Boogie must go on; SZ 001 (CD4649)
InfoSilvan Zingg: Boogie woogie triology (CD6727)
InfoSilvan Zingg: Changes in boogie woogie; BOOGIE FACE; 96071 (CD12073)
InfoSilvan Zingg, Martijn Schok: Boogie woogie duets live (CD21639)
InfoSilvan Zingg's Boogie woogie Xmas; TYROLIS; 375 515 (CD28546)
InfoSilvan Zingg Trio: Boogie Woogie Triology. Nuno Alexandre, bass; Valerio Felice, drums (CD30801)

DAT cassette

InfoB. T. Bop = Blues to Bop 01.09.2001, nr. 1 (DAT21580)
InfoB. To Bop = Blues to Bop 02.09.2001, nr. 2. Jam session (DAT21583)

Enhanced CD

InfoSilvan Zingg: In concerto (CD25330)

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