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Compact cassette

Loudspeaker & InfoMarco Cerletti: Desequilibre. Ballettmusik (MC4239)
Loudspeaker & InfoMarco Cerletti: Plays the stick (MC1496)
Loudspeaker & InfoVERABRA; 2039 4; Marco Cerletti: Random and Providence (MC3908)

Compact Disc

Loudspeaker & Info(CD116390)
Loudspeaker & InfoDECODER; 38701; Circus: Movin'on (CD2565)
Loudspeaker & InfoINTUITION; 31102; Essentials Intuition. International Commission, Lazaro Ros & Mezcla, The Lounge Lizards, Barbara Thompson, Gerardo Nuñez, Steps Ahead, Vince Jones, Oregon, Fredy Studer, Hermeto Pascoal, Farafina, Paralamas, Eddie Palmieri, Marco Cerletti, Mikis Theodorakis, John Hassel (CD62601)
Loudspeaker & InfoPop Basel, Musik und Subkultur (CD60622)
Loudspeaker & InfoRADICALIS; RMG197 (Set); Roli Roland Frei: What happened tomorrow (CD117128)
Loudspeaker & InfoSOUND SERVICE; 10302-2; Roli Frei Soulful Desert: Floating awake (CD25112)
Loudspeaker & InfoSOUNDWAYS; 38503; Marco Cerletti: Random and providence (CD1611)
Loudspeaker & InfoSUISA DISC; 03100 (Set); Swiss pop & rock anthology. Von den Anfängen bis 1985 = Des origines à 1985 = Dagli inizi al 1985 = From the beginnings till 1985. (Sampler) (CD26348)
Loudspeaker & InfoVERABRA; 2039 2; Marco Cerletti: Random and Providence (CD2580)
Loudspeaker & InfoZIHLMANN; Z 62-1992; 30 Jahre Zihlmann Musik in Basel (CD4270)

LP record

Loudspeaker & InfoILLUMINATUS; 001; Circus: Fearless, tearless and even less (LP7465)
Loudspeaker & InfoRADICALIS; RMG172 (Set); Roli Roland Frei: What happened tomorrow (LP22458)
Loudspeaker & InfoZYT; 208; 30-568; Circus (LP1140)
Loudspeaker & InfoZYT; 211; Circus: Movin'on (LP1139)
Loudspeaker & InfoZYT; 217; Circus All Star Band: Live (LP1142)
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