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WEIL, Kurt
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Compact Disc Recordable

Loudspeaker & InfoDRS; CDE 1572; Jazz made in Switzerland. Ausgewählt von Hörerinnen & Hören von Radio Swiss Jazz. (Sampler) (CD28938)

Compact Disc

Loudspeaker & InfoBRAMBUS; 200491-2; Robi Weber Quartet: Jazzy groove - groovy jazz. With very special guest Nubya (CD29873)
Loudspeaker & InfoCOLUMBIA; 487886 2; Kurt Weil & Vibes Revisited: Late - but not too late (CD14585)
Loudspeaker & InfoDISQUES OFFICE; RSR LA 1ERE; DO 65292 (Set); Geo Voumard: Fait la fête au jazz (CD23970)
Loudspeaker & InfoELITE SPECIAL; 9544002/1-4 (Set); Jazz in Switzerland, 1930-1975. (Sampler) (CD14722)
Loudspeaker & InfoINTAKT; CD 099 (Set); Jaz in Zürich. (Sampler) (CD30749)
Loudspeaker & InfoJazz Mag-Disc one. (Sampler) (CD14580)
Loudspeaker & InfoJazz'n'More presents the first swiss jazz compilation 2000 (Sampler) (CD22581)
Loudspeaker & InfoMEMBRANE RECORDS; Convergencia: Que emoción! (CD35886)
Loudspeaker & InfoMUSICA HELVETICA; SBC (SWISS BROADCASTING CORPORATION) 107-110.2 (Set); Jazz in Switzerland, 1930-1975. (Sampler) (CD14317)
Loudspeaker & InfoS140703; Spunk!: Return to Venus (CD62283)
Loudspeaker & InfoTCB; 0101-2; Christoph Spendel: Cool street (CD6686)
Loudspeaker & InfoTCB; 20302; Kurt Weil & Vibes Revisited: Moving forward - Reaching back. Featuring Christoph Grab, as,ts; Stefan Stahel, pno; Mark Ega, bass; Danny Gottlieb, dr; Joe Beck, guit. (CD21290)
Loudspeaker & InfoTCB; 26302; Soskin, McCaslin, Gisler'N'Hammer: One (CD33571)
Loudspeaker & InfoTCB; 96452; Big Band De Lausanne, The Lost Generation, The Survivors, The Youngbloods: Switzerjazz (CD12275)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIVERSAL; 476 314-7; Jazz DRS 2. 50 Jahre Schweizer Radio DRS 2. Swiss Apéro. (Sampler) (CD46159)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIVERSAL; 476 585-2 (Set); Klassik - DRS 2 - Jazz. 50 Jahre Schweizer Radio DRS 2. (Sampler) (CD58094)
Loudspeaker & InfoZED PRODUCTIONS; ZED-23.0059; Geo Voumard, The New Trio: Live 2003. Kurt S. Weil, vib; Dominique Molliat, b. Montreux Jazz Festival, Cully Festival Jazz (CD29209)

LP record

Loudspeaker & InfoBELLAPHON; 33017 BCH; Freche Wahrheiten von und mit Erna Brünell (LP7776)
Loudspeaker & InfoEMI; 13C 1763791; Toni Pettitt & Rusty Nugget: Waiting for a dream (LP241)
Loudspeaker & InfoEMI; 3E 062-33833; Peter Jacques + Quadriga: Kaeyboard flashes (LP10468)
Loudspeaker & InfoEMI COLUMBIA; 3 E 054-33 849; Red Hot Peppers: Chicago-blues-dixieland Jazzmen (LP10462)
Loudspeaker & InfoGNOME; 6326 504; Sid Kucera And The Revival Jazzband: Swing factory (LP10245)
Loudspeaker & InfoGNOME RECORDS; 6326 502; Shivananda: Cross now (LP3974)

S record

Loudspeaker & InfoGNOME; 6028 776; Trigolo; Ich wott go flüüge; Bankrott (S8992)
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