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Name: CUENI, Eliane

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InfoCojazz meets Bruno Spoerri: European tales; TCB; 31302 (CD34397)
InfoDirk: How much you mean to me; JAZZ ELITE SPECIAL; 73659 (CD30538)
InfoDirk: Permanentes; JAZZ ELITE SPECIAL; 73763 (CD50305)
InfoEliane Cueni Gitta Kahle Quartet: A timeless place; CKQ 270898.2 (CD19196)
InfoEliane Cueni - Gitta Kahle Quintet: Slow motion; BRAMBUS; 200147-2 (CD24908)
InfoEliane Cueni Septett: Hey hag; JAZZ ELITE SPECIAL; 73614 (CD21583)
InfoEliane Cueni Trio: Canavaa; BRAMBUS; 200505-2 (CD33977)
InfoGitta Kahle Quintet: Blue tide red. Featuring Arthur Blythe; UNIT; 4170 (CD37010)
InfoJazz'n'More presents the first swiss jazz compilation 2000 (Sampler) (CD22581)
InfoJezebel: At every turn; DFP MUSIC; 55196-60232 (CD12218)
InfoM2/5: Delirium; BRAMBUS; 200033-2 (CD22159)
InfoM2/5: Delirium (CD121804)
InfoM2/5: Delirium (CD21861)
InfoM2/5: Raices; BRAMBUS; 200257-2 (CD24915)
InfoSophisticated Lady: Swing; ROMBERG, Sigmund; HAMMERSTEIN, Oscar II; ELLINGTON, Duke; STRAYHORN, Billy; MERCER, John H.; ARLEN, Harold; ROSE, Billy; HARBURG, E.Y.; KAHN, Gus; SCHWANDT, Wilbur; ANDRE, Fabian; JAZZ ELITE SPECIAL; 73631 (CD25994)
InfoSusanne Müller, Eliane Cueni: Zut. Tinktur; BRAMBUS; 200149-2 (CD24270)

Compact Disc Recordable

InfoDirk: Demo (CD30116)

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