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Name: BURGER, Francis
Records found: 8
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Compact Disc

InfoFlavio Ambrosetti anniversary. Franco Ambrosetti, Gato Barbieri, Kenny Clarke, Pierre Favre, George Gruntz, Lars Gullin, Louis Hayes, Daniel Humair, J.-F. Jenny Clark, Sam Jones, George Joyner, Sal Nistico, Hazy Osterwald, Alan Skidmore, Henri Texier, Toot Thielemans, Barney Wilen, Joe Zawinul; ENJA; 9027-2 (Set) (CD11946)
InfoJazz in Switzerland, 1930-1975. (Sampler); ELITE SPECIAL; 9544002/1-4 (Set) (CD14722)
InfoJazz in Switzerland, 1930-1975. (Sampler); MUSICA HELVETICA; SBC (SWISS BROADCASTING CORPORATION) 107-110.2 (Set) (CD14317)

Compact Disc Recordable

InfoJazz made in Switzerland. Ausgewählt von Hörerinnen & Hören von Radio Swiss Jazz. (Sampler); DRS; CDE 1572 (CD28938)

LP record

Info30 Jahre Jazz made in Switzerland, 1935-1965. (Sampler); EMI; 13C 152-33894/5 (Set); COLUMBIA (LP1557)

Shellac record

InfoBody Buser presents: Jazz at the Java; Be-bop-session; Be-bop-session; LE CHANT DU MONDE / TELL RECORD; S 29141 (HR7023)
InfoFlavio Ambrosetti Quartet; COLUMBIA; CJ 1011 (HR7723)
InfoFrancis Burger Festival Band; The man I love; Hoop Bob Sh' Bam; CELSON; QB 7026 (HR7030)

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