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GRAF, Beatrice
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Compact cassette

Loudspeaker & InfoCarte blanche à Béatrice Graf; Dorian Beat & Lips (MC46721)
Loudspeaker & InfoMAGNON; PN 2294; U-Brass Contest. Schweizerische Brass Band Contest für UnterhaltungsmusikConcours national de musique légère pour enemble de cuivre (MC3419)

Compact Disc

Loudspeaker & Info02EDO01; Explosive Drums Orchestra: Manège à la plage (CD26868)
Loudspeaker & Info77771; Alice Wonders: Alive (CD15829)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS092; Four Roses: Histoire d'eau (CD24265)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS100; Altrisuoni the jazz label. Cento. (Sampler) (CD24904)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS143; Béatrice Graf, Philippe Ehinger: Beat & lip (CD28684)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS219; 2Ailes. Hélène Corini, Béatrice Graf (CD40281)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS304 (Set); Béatrice Graf: Transhumance. Levon Maret, Hilaria Kramer, Peter Schärli, Samuel Blaser, Reto Suhner, Lucien Dubuis, John Menoud, Bruno Amstad (CD33097)
Loudspeaker & InfoAMOS; 5650 CD; 20 Jahre Brass Band Berner Oberland: Anniversary (CD1879)
Loudspeaker & InfoAMOS; 5904; Brass Band Berner Oberland: Evergreens (CD21190)
Loudspeaker & InfoBIRDLINE; Scumbag: Kind a'pink. Confusion. Volume rose (CD14509)
Loudspeaker & InfoDISQUES OFFICE; 65905; Fabian Tharin: Swiss rebel (CD44816)
Loudspeaker & InfoENJA; 9103-2; Peter Schärli Special Sextet featuring Glenn Ferris and Tom Varner: Blues for the beast (CD13545)
Loudspeaker & InfoENJA; 9171-2; Peter Schärli Special Sextet: Hot peace. Featuring Glenn Ferris (CD36339)
Loudspeaker & InfoENJA; CD 9129-2; Peter Schärli Special Sextet: Guilty. Featuring Glenn Ferris and Tom Varner (CD23630)
Loudspeaker & InfoEsterpoly: Archive #1 (CD44726)
Loudspeaker & InfoFLEXION RECORDS; 008; Jacques Demierre: The thirty and one pianos (CD43988)
Loudspeaker & InfoHANAN000; Tiny Grimes. A soundtrack by Steve Buchanan (CD24803)
Loudspeaker & InfoHEAR WE GO; PAN MUSIC; 38240; 1127; Four Roses (CD14521)
Loudspeaker & InfoHilde Kappes: Unlabelled (CD38813)
Loudspeaker & InfoNew Sisters: Parfum d'amour (CD39504)
Loudspeaker & InfoNONE; 161358; Deviana Daudsjah: For you. Featuring Karoline Höfler, Beatrice Graf, Axel Fischbacher (CD7849)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIT; 4159; No Techno Dance: Hand made (CD33975)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIT; 4177; Quartier Lointain: Right next door. David Granite, Michel Wintsch, Béatrice Graf, Cyril Moulas (CD40102)
Loudspeaker & InfoURGENCE DISK RECORDS; IKARUS RECORDS; UN RECORDS; KAB 174; IKREC 4817; UNREC 13; Ester Poly: Pique dame (CD68575)

DAT cassette

Loudspeaker & InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 1997: Peter Schärli Sextet (DAT21606)

Remote access electronic resources

Loudspeaker & InfoJazz Festival Willisau 1994: Peter Schärli Special Sextet (FILE669)
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