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Compact Disc Recordable

Loudspeaker & InfoOBLIQSOUND; 823889902728; Grand Pianoramax: Smooth danger (CD33078)
Loudspeaker & Info(Set); Leo Tardin & Grand Pianoramax feat. Mike Ladd: Live at the AMR (CD42820)

Compact Disc

Loudspeaker & Info7-640103-890608; Luca Stoll quartet: Mixing memory and desire (CD42798)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS131; Stefano Saccon: Underscore. Live at Bird's Eye. Featuring Enrico Rava (CD26328)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS155; The jazz label Altrisuoni. Passion and pleasure. (Sampler) (CD29605)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS168; The John Aram Quintet featuring Tim Garland: Dancing with the moon (CD30854)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS170; Mats-Up: In the beginning (CD31267)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS178; Edition Spéciale: Fai da te. Direction Alain Della Maestra (CD31677)
Loudspeaker & InfoDAWNSCAPE; 001; Leo Tardin: Dawnscape. Piano solo (CD43985)
Loudspeaker & InfoDIAPASON; 1001; Serge Uebersax: First impression. With Bob Harrison & Léo Tardin (CD26973)
Loudspeaker & InfoDISQUES OFFICE; 65301; Le jecc II. Jazz en culottes courtes. Compositions arrangements paroles Alain Guyonnet (CD24267)
Loudspeaker & InfoDISQUES OFFICE; 65302; Viva: Ma première boum... Compositions, arrangements Alain Guyonnet (CD24266)
Loudspeaker & InfoJHM RECORDS; 3620; Matthias Spillmann Septet: Mats up. Something about water (CD22898)
Loudspeaker & InfoLéo: Fairplexe (CD13962)
Loudspeaker & InfoLéo Tardin: Grandpianoramax (CD29975)
Loudspeaker & InfoLittle Big Beat: Walker's walk (CD14947)
Loudspeaker & InfoMENTAL GROOVE RECORDS; MG 116; Grand Pianoramax: Soundwave (CD64250)
Loudspeaker & InfoMONS RECORDS; 874 353; Christian Münchinger: Nimbus dance (CD25991)
Loudspeaker & InfoOBLIQSOUND; 018; Grand Pianoramax: The biggest piano in town (CD53111)
Loudspeaker & InfoOBLIQSOUND; 033; Grand Pianoramax: Till there's nothing left (CD38032)
Loudspeaker & InfoSerge Zaugg: Sweet swee (CD42154)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIT RECORDS; UTR 4172 (Set); Mats-Up: Same pictures-New exibition. Matthias Spillmanns Mats-Up plays the music of M. Mussorgsky (CD37940)
Loudspeaker & InfoVibrations présénte Swiss vibes from jazz to pop. (Sampler) (CD53108)

Enhanced CD

Loudspeaker & InfoOBLIQ SOUND; 009; Grand pianoramax. Leo Tardin with Jojo Mayer and Ferenc Nemeth (CD31680)
Loudspeaker & InfoOBLIQSOUND; Grand pianoramax. Léo Tardin with Jojo Mayer and Ferenc Nemeth (CD30848)
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