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Compact Disc

InfoAlex Hendricksen, Jean-Paul Brodbeck, Fabian Gisler; ANUK; 0014 (Set) (CD41212)
InfoAlex Hendriksen, Etymon (CD40948)
InfoAlex Hendriksen, Fabian Gisler: The song is you; HAT HUT EZZ-THETICS; 1003 (CD69382)
InfoBaton Rouge: Heartbeat in the universe; BR2526/0408 (CD46115)
InfoChasper Wanner Quartet featuring Danny Gottlieb; ALTRISUONI; AS199 (CD36381)
InfoGrand Mother's Funck: The proud egyptian. Feat. Akil The Mc; COLUMBIA; 88697853532 (CD34625)
InfoGrand Mother's Funck: The proud Egyptian, feat. Akil The MC; SONY MUSIC; COLUMBIA; 88697853532 (CD31873)
InfoGutfleisch-Schurmann-Frey: Sambâle. Inviting Thomas Moeckel & Alex Hendriksen (CD117087)
InfoH2S2: Dance in Town. Hendriksen, Hellmüller, Stulz, Sisera; META RECORDS; 040 (CD48604)
InfoHekiat: Armenian stories. Featuring Houry Dora Apartian; TCB; 03132 (CD48768)
InfoKeiser Twins: Guestlist; NIRO SOUNDS (CD117972)
InfoMemellow: Headin' south (CD124365)
InfoPatent Ochsner: Tonbildshow. Unplugged; UNIVERSAL; 4500364 (Set) (CD122506)
InfoPatric Scott: Spirit; CLOUD26; 04 (CD118119)
InfoPepe Lienhard Big Band: Music was my first love (CD124891)
InfoPierre Piccarde: Signification (CD19893)
InfoSeven: 4colors; SONY MUSIC; COLUMBIA; 88985422562 (CD64363)
InfoSeven: BackFunkLoveSoul; SONY MUSIC; 88875028112 (CD45940)
InfoSeven: Best of 2002-2016. With Sheila E, Talib Kweli, Larry Gold, Rad., Stefanie Heinzmann, Eric Leeds, DJ Premier, Tony Touch, Gavlyn & Blimes Brixton, Rahnsaan Patterson, Keith Crouch, Omar; SONY MUSIC; COLUMBIA; RED KEY; 88985302552 (Set) (CD47366)
InfoStewy Von Wattenwyl's Wabash; BEMSHA MUSIC; 0701 (CD45691)
InfoTanja Dankner: Swingness. Big Band leader Pepe Lienhard; ZYTGLOGGE; ZYT 4380 (CD121892)
InfoThe goldene five. Goldene jap note. New Orleans Hot Lips Jazz Orchestra, The Darktown Strutters Swingtet, Jazz Schule Basel, Bernhard Ley, The Backyard Tub, Jug & Washboard Band, Steppin Stompers Dixielandband. (Sampler); BERNARD, Felix; BLACK, Johnny S.; FISHER, Fred; SWANSTONE, Arthur; McCARRON, Charles; MONK, Thelonious; STRAYHORN, Billy; WILLIAMS, Clarence; HABU; 2002 (CD24519)
InfoThe Meier Group: The past is gone. Featuring Bill Evans and Matthieu Michel; PLAINISPHARE; 1267-113 (CD20637)

Digital versatile disc

InfoPatent Ochsner: Tonbildshow. Unplugged; UNIVERSAL; 4500364 (Set) (DVD560)

LP record

InfoTanja Dankner, Swingness Big Band Pepe Lienhard: Swingness; ZYTGLOGGE; ZYT 4386 (LP23541)

Remote access electronic resources

InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2010: Lisette Spinnler Siawaloma (FILE3191)

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