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Name: SCHNEEBELI, Sandro

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Compact Disc

Loudspeaker & Info66666618; Stephan Rigert's Talking Drums featuring Gabriela Mendes. Cape Verde (CD44715)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS088; Guitarthing: Up & down (CD24391)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS100; Altrisuoni the jazz label. Cento. (Sampler) (CD24904)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS166; Guitarthing: Sol (CD30128)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS324; Lorenzo De Finti: Colors of life (CD37037)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; NEVE MUSIC; AS307; Sandro Schneebeli Boogaloo 4tet: Live a Piazza Grande Jazz. Locarno 2011 (CD33092)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRAMBUS; 200034-2; Sandro Schneebeli Group: Estate. Stewy von Wattenwyl, Daniel Aebi, Sandy Patton, George Robert (CD22344)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRAMBUS; 200387-2; Sandro Schneebeli World Music Group: Uomo bianco. Featuring Michael Zisman (CD28937)
Loudspeaker & InfoCD-666666+15; Stephan Rigert's: Different moods. An exiting trip among three different cultures (CD53105)
Loudspeaker & InfoDISCTRADE; 211206-1; Wong-Li: Golden child (CD40291)
Loudspeaker & InfoFrequency 432Hz. Music of the concert in the dark (CD69398)
Loudspeaker & InfoFriends Reunion: Spirit of New Orleans. Solidarity CD (CD17223)
Loudspeaker & InfoIm Dunkel = Al Buio = Dans le noir (CD40957)
Loudspeaker & InfoIris Moné: Rinasco; 7640138445521 (CD33473)
Loudspeaker & InfoJazzascona. Body and soul. June 23 - july 3, 2011. (Sampler) (CD46785)
Loudspeaker & InfoMZ PRODUZIONI-TI DOC; 040; Marco Zappa Quartet. Sogni di giorno. Live (CD29302)
Loudspeaker & InfoNeneh Alexandrovic: Seje dina (CD68751)
Loudspeaker & InfoNEVE MUSIC; 06/1; Sandro Schneebeli Hammond Trio: Live in Bern (CD37001)
Loudspeaker & InfoNEVE MUSIC; Sandro Schneebeli: Blunotte. Music of the concert in the dark (CD47794)
Loudspeaker & InfoNEVE MUSIC; Sandro Schneebeli: Solo (CD63110)
Loudspeaker & InfoThe Flag & friends for OTAF: Hands (CD34807)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIT; 4234; Sandro Schneebeli: Scala nobile (CD58327)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIT; 4339 (Set); Sandro Schneebeli Scala Nobile: Live at Estival 2011. Featuring Paul Mc Candless & Bruno Amstad (CD35567)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIT; 4398; Unit Records. (Sampler) (CD38060)

DAT cassette

Loudspeaker & InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2004: EBU Jazz Orchestra 2004 (DAT21674)

Enhanced CD

Loudspeaker & InfoFrank Salis H3O: Live in Vevey (CD41204)
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