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Name: D'EPISCOPO, Alessandro
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Compact Disc

InfoAlessandro D'Episcopo: That's all. Piano solo; ALTRISUONI; AS345 (CD63642)
InfoAlessandro D'Episcopo Trio: Meraviglioso; ALTRISUONI; AS205 (CD40298)
InfoAlessandro D'Episcopo Trio: Solare; ALTRISUONI; AS310 (CD34393)
InfoAlessandro D'Episcopo Trio: Stella cadente. Songs from Naples and Italy; ALTRISUONI; AS127 (CD27188)
InfoAltrisuoni: Best of. Since 1993. (Sampler); ALTRISUONI; AS250 (CD45322)
InfoAltrisuoni Midem 2009. (Sampler); ALTRISUONI; AS274 (CD50167)
InfoChristian Münchinger Quartet: Live at Moods. Featuring Peter Frei, Alessandro D'Episcopo, Domink Egli (CD48027)
InfoElmar Frey: Ellingtonality, volume 1; PRIVAVE RECORDS; 2012.1 (CD36116)
InfoElmar Frey Sextett: New from the past. Daniel Schenker, Christoph Grab, Stefan Schlegel, Alessandro d'Episcopo, Peter Frei; ALTRISUONI; AS175 (CD31409)
InfoGabriella Tanner Jazz Quintett: Orange juice for one; JAZZ ELITE SPECIAL; 73619 (CD23627)
InfoJ.M Rhythm Four:Four brothers. Plays with Bucky Pizzarelli, Peter Appleyard; DOWNTOWN; DR 9234 (CD62993)
InfoJ.M. Rhythm Four: Rush hour. Jürg Morgenthaler, Alessandro D'Episcopo, Roman Dylag, Pius Baschnagel. Guest Peter Appleyard, Benny Bailey; DOWNTOWN; 9227 (CD35812)
InfoJazz DRS 2. 50 Jahre Schweizer Radio DRS 2. Swiss Apéro. (Sampler); 476 314-7; UNIVERSAL (CD46159)
InfoKeybone. Stefan Schlegel. Alessandro D'Episcopo (CD26972)
InfoKlassik - DRS 2 - Jazz. 50 Jahre Schweizer Radio DRS 2. (Sampler); UNIVERSAL; 476 585-2 (Set) (CD58094)
InfoMusikschule der Stadt Zug: Live-Mitschnitte aus dem Schuljahr 1994/95. Zuger Jugendorchester, Kadettenmusik der Stadt Zug; KPK SWITZERLAND 1994/1995 (CD63577)
InfoPiri Piri: Henrietta (CD116636)
InfoThe jazz label Altrisuoni. Passion and pleasure. (Sampler); ALTRISUONI; AS155 (CD29605)

ROM Compact Disc

InfoSwiss music selection 2006. Contains 56 songs from leading and upcoming swiss artists. (Sampler); STRICHCODE; 330 351-2 (RE212)

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