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Name: JEGER, Silvan

Records found: 28
Compact cassette (1)
Compact Disc (20)
LP record (2)
Microgroove record (1)
Remote access electronic resources (4)
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Compact cassette

InfoCold Voodoo: AB+. Tobias Meier, Silvan Jeger; WIDE EAR RECORDS; WER 036 (MC54173)

Compact Disc

InfoChristoph Grab Raw Vision: Code Talker. Frank Moebus, Bernhard Bamert, Matthias Tschopp, Thomas Luescher, Silvan Jeger, Maxime Paratte; UNIT; 4610 (CD45975)
InfoChristoph Grab Raw vision. Frank Möbus, Silvan Jeger, Maxime Paratte, Bernhard Bamert, Thomas Luescher, Ronny Graupe; UNIT; 4519 (CD39241)
InfoDavid Meier's Hunter: Gatherer; WIDE EAR RECORDS; 007 (CD37040)
InfoDay & Taxi: Artists; PERCASO; 31/32 (Set) (CD41495)
InfoDay & Taxi: Run, the darkness will come!; PERCASO; 39 (CD122227)
InfoDay & Taxi: Way; PERCASO; 34 (CD62987)
InfoErich Fischer Quartett: Ricordi. Live in der Esse; UNIT; 4661 (CD47392)
InfoMario Schenker Quartet: Melodien. Yves Theiler, Silvan Jeger, Maxime Paratte; UNIT; 4380 (CD35449)
InfoPERCASO; 37; Day & Taxy: Devotion (CD69675)
InfoPeter's Playstation: Snowland. Featuring Andy Scherrer. Micael Zisman, bandoneon; TCB; 01312 (CD46922)
InfoReto Suhner Quartet: 20; ANUK; 0039 (Set) (CD117424)
InfoReto Suhner Quartet: Bird's eye; LIVE LIFE; 2014008 (CD38760)
InfoReto Sunhner Quartet: Easy; ANUK; 0020 (CD122472)
InfoSchwalbe & Elefant: 2. Akt; WIDE EAR RECORDS; WER 040 (CD68777)
InfoSilvan Schmid Quintet: At Gamut; HAT OLOGY; 751 (CD65809)
InfoSomnambulance: Night-wandering; EVEREST RECORDS; 55 (CD36742)
InfoTobias Meier: Interesting; WIDE EAR RECORDS; 019 (CD46778)
InfoTony Renold Quartet: Places. Michael Gassmann, Michael Bucher, Patrick Sommer, Tony Renold. Guest Silvan Jeger; UNIT; 4305 (CD33302)
InfoUassyn: Zacharya; DOUBLE MOON RECORDS; DMCHR71387 (CD118405)
InfoYves Reichmuth Quartet: Fingertongue; VETO; 012 (CD36125)

LP record

InfoDay & Taxi: Way; PERCASO; 33 (Set) (LP22152)
InfoThis Difficult Tree: Double sun; WIDE EAR RECORDS; WER031 (LP22149)

Microgroove record

InfoTobias Meier: Interesting; EVEREST; WER019 (LP21902)

Remote access electronic resources

InfoPrader & Knecht: You'll figure it out; DALA RECORDING (FILE2301)
InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2010: KOJ Piffkaneiro (FILE3188)
InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2015: Raw Vision (FILE3296)
InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2020: UASSYN Konzert (FILE4011)

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