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Name: GLANZMANN, Vincent

Records found: 14
Compact Disc (10)
LP record (2)
Microgroove record (1)
Remote access electronic resources (1)
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Compact Disc

InfoFranky Silence & Ghost Orchestra: Fallen (CD42859)
InfoKhasho'gi: Ay; VETO RECORDS; 013 (CD38410)
InfoLinda Vogel: Maps to others; RADICALIS; RMG 135 (CD117515)
InfoMartina Linn: She is gone; SMITH RECORDS (CD47540)
InfoNik Riba Trio: Vuelta (CD124421)
InfoSekhmet: Te shii es tah; VETO (CD45849)
InfoSilvan Schmid Quintet: At Gamut; HAT OLOGY; 751 (CD65809)
InfoUassyn: Zacharya; DOUBLE MOON RECORDS; DMCHR71387 (CD118405)
InfoVendredi Soir Swing: Like art of an anyone; UNIT; 4486 (CD39609)
InfoVincent Glanzmann, Gerry Hemingway: Composition; FS RECORDS; FSR03 (CD116873)

LP record

InfoMartina Linn: She is gone; SMITH RECORDS; (Set) (LP21768)
InfoThis Difficult Tree: Double sun; WIDE EAR RECORDS; WER031 (LP22149)

Microgroove record

InfoPhilipp Eden Trio: Placid; WIDE EAR RECORDS; WER039 (LP22356)

Remote access electronic resources

InfoPrader & Knecht: You'll figure it out; DALA RECORDING (FILE2301)

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