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Name: WADE, Brendan

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InfoAndreas Winkler & Michael Winkler: Whisky and music (CD118990)
InfoBow Triplets: Fair Play to You (CD40145)
InfoBow Triplets: Secret signs; HARDSTUDIOS; HS 10024 (CD58737)
InfoCellar darling: This is the sound; NUCLEAR BLAST; 3947-2 (CD67914)
InfoCeól: Celtic Whirligig; 2234 (CD46326)
InfoEluveitie: Everything remains as it never was; NUCLEAR BLAST; 27361 24792 (CD33184)
InfoEluveitie: Evocation II. Pantheon; NUCLEAR BLAST; 27361 38600 (Set); NB 3860-0-1; NB 3860-0-2 (CD64496)
InfoInish: Gaelstones; ZYT; 4927 (CD68760)
InfoInish: Jewels of the Ocean; NARRENSCHIFF; NAR2006023 (CD42127)
InfoInish: The calm before the storm (CD68759)
InfoInish: Welcome home (CD68949)
InfoIvo; SONY MUSIC; 88843006082 (CD39205)
InfoMichael von der Heide: Lido; SONY MUSIC; 88697956112 (CD34910)
InfoRoland Zoss: Baumlieder, Vol. 1. Bäume des Nordens; SOUND SERVICE; 121018-2; 978-3-03739-335-0 (CD67993)
InfoRoland Zoss: Baumlieder, Vol. 2. Bäume des Südens; SOUND SERVICE; 040319-2; 978-3-03739-356-7 (CD68959)
InfoS'bescht schwiizer Hits Album wo's git, 2015. Patent Ochsner, Shem Thomas, Dodo, Hecht, Baschi, 77 Bombay Street, Nicole Bernegger, Bastian Baker, Stress, Kunz, Mr. Da-Nos und vieli anderi; UNIVERSAL; 536 563-6 (CD46564)
InfoSpan: Rock 'n' roll Härz; UNIVERSAL; 373 208-9 (CD36973)
InfoSwissters: Made in Switzerland (CD118058)
InfoThe Pint: Continental breakfast; NARRENSCHIFF; 2004014 (CD34059)
InfoThe Pint: Five (CD116708)
InfoThe Pint: Roundabout; NARRENSCHIFF; 2008042 (CD39165)

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