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Name: BOSSARD, Roberto

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Compact cassette

Loudspeaker & InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 1995: Roberto Bossard Group; FREY, Adrian; Piano; FREY, Adrian; Piano; FREY, Adrian; Piano; FREY, Adrian; Piano; FREY, Adrian; Piano; FREY, Adrian; Piano; FREY, Adrian; Piano (MC54503)
Loudspeaker & InfoUHU; 517 027 (Set); 517 028; Trudi Gerster: Bambi, Teil 1, 2 (MC4874)

Compact Disc

Loudspeaker & Info39927; Vocal Contact: Abravocabra (CD3649)
Loudspeaker & Info442001; Sue Mathys: Lila Rosen. Laut. Leise. Leidenschaftlich. (CD37802)
Loudspeaker & InfoABOVO MUSIC; 274697; Vocal Contact Plus: Out of darkness (CD14533)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS136; Lars Lindvall Tentet: 1-10 (CD27341)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS155; The jazz label Altrisuoni. Passion and pleasure. (Sampler) (CD29605)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS175; Elmar Frey Sextett: New from the past. Daniel Schenker, Christoph Grab, Stefan Schlegel, Alessandro d'Episcopo, Peter Frei (CD31409)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS193; Roberto Bossard-The Trio: Monday nights. Hämi Hämmerli, Roberto Bossard, Elmar Frey (CD34183)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS250; Altrisuoni: Best of. Since 1993. (Sampler) (CD45322)
Loudspeaker & InfoALTRISUONI; AS274; Altrisuoni Midem 2009. (Sampler) (CD50167)
Loudspeaker & InfoCSM RECORDS; 129601; Next generation. (Sampler) (CD10782)
Loudspeaker & InfoMARCOPHON; 944-2; Slokar Quartet: Jubilee (CD6898)
Loudspeaker & InfoMellow Brass: Live at The Stadtkeller Lucerne (CD40117)
Loudspeaker & InfoPRIVAVE; 2014-1; Soskin-Bossard-Boclé-Frey Atlantic Crossing: Another one (CD41498)
Loudspeaker & InfoPRIVAVE; ALTRISUONI; AS257; Organ-X: Plus. Marcel Thomi, Roberto Bossard, Elmar Frey, Roland Von Flüe (CD48676)
Loudspeaker & InfoPRIVAVE; PR2016.1; Organ-X Plus: You'll be fine (CD63273)
Loudspeaker & InfoPRIVAVE RECORDS; 2000.1; Roberto Bossard, Chris Wiesendanger, Elmar Frey: A time to talk (CD23322)
Loudspeaker & InfoPRIVAVE RECORDS; PR2003.1; Mark Soskin, Roberto Bossard, Peter Frei, Elmar Frey: Atlantic crossing (CD28921)
Loudspeaker & InfoTCB; 29102; Krapf: Little lamp (CD54200)
Loudspeaker & InfoTCB; 9040; Roberto Bossard Group: Remember a friend (CD1631)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIVERSAL; 476 314-7; Jazz DRS 2. 50 Jahre Schweizer Radio DRS 2. Swiss Apéro. (Sampler) (CD46159)
Loudspeaker & InfoUNIVERSAL; 476 585-2 (Set); Klassik - DRS 2 - Jazz. 50 Jahre Schweizer Radio DRS 2. (Sampler) (CD58094)
Loudspeaker & InfoYVP MUSIC; 3153; Katja Mair Trio: Not alone. Featuring Roberto Bossard & Thomas Lüthi (CD58713)

Remote access electronic resources

Loudspeaker & InfoSchaffhauser Jazzfestival 2016; Jazzgespräche 2016 (FILE3035)
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