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Le poète Jean Cuttat; Sarah Bernhardt; Manifestation sportive militaire à Vidy, allocution du général Guisan (DAT10833)

Number of ID 4
Total playing time of the sound carrier 8.59
Recording language French
Work genre Radio broadcast
Audio track 1-2
Index audio 1; 2
Recording title Le poète Jean Cuttat
Work genre Biography
Participant BUDRY, Paul
Activity Presenter
Part/Role Writer
Topics mentioned Poésie
Names mentioned CUTTAT, Jean
Recording date 24.10.1940
Broadcast date 24.10.1940
Audio track 3
Broadcast title Silhouettes de théâtre
Recording title Sarah Bernhardt
Participant CARTON, Pauline
Activity Presenter
Topics mentioned Théâtre
Recording date 31.10.1940
Broadcast date 31.10.1940
Audio track 4
Recording title Manifestation sportive militaire à Vidy, allocution du général Guisan
Work genre Public speech
Participant GUISAN, Henri
Activity Speaker
Topics mentioned Sport; Jeunesse; Armée
Recording date 29.09.1940
Broadcast date 29.09.1940
Broadcast date 27.12.1940
Recording locality Lausanne
Recording place STUDIO RADIO SSR
Recording conditions Studio recording
Source carrier type Acetate disc
Call number of the source carrier 2705; 2887
Location of the source carrier DEPOSITO SCHLIERBACH (FN); Schlierbach
Call number of the analog copy A 18639; Lausanne: Phonothèque RSR
Number of source carriers 2
Material Acetate on glass
Dimension ⌀ 25 cm
CDR call number (SBC) CDR 3441
Internal groove start Tutte le facciate
Support Document preserved with the support of Memoriav
Call number DAT10833