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Plakatwand; Zur Volksabstimmung über die Gründung des Kantons Jura vom 24. September 1978 (DAT14067)

Broadcast title Plakatwand
Number of carriers 1
Number of ID 1
Total playing time of the sound carrier 29.10
Recording locality Einsiedeln
Recording locality Bern
Recording conditions Studio recording
Recording conditions Live
Recording conditions Bandaufnahmen
Recording date 30.08.1978
Broadcast date 02.09.1978
Recording language German
Work genre Radio broadcast
Work genre Documentary
Subject Political reform
Geographical descriptor Jura
Summary Kurzer Abriss zur Geschichte der Separationsbewegung. Gegenüberstellung von Pro- und Kontrameinungen. Erläuterung des bundesrätlichen Haltung zum Kanton Jura durch Pierre Aubert.
Audio track 1
Recording title Zur Volksabstimmung über die Gründung des Kantons Jura vom 24. September 1978
Announcements Annonce; Annonce finale
Participant LÜTHI, Andreas
Activity Presenter
Activity Journaliste SOC
Participant WIPF, Edi
Activity Presenter
Activity Journaliste SOC
Participant FLUBACHER, Karl
Activity Interviewed
Activity Conseiller national et adversaire de la fondation du canton du Jura
Participant ARTHO, Antoine
Activity Interviewed
Activity Membre de l'assemblée constituante du canton du Jura
Participant AUBERT, Pierre
Activity Speaker
Activity Conseiller fédéral de 1978 à 1987 (né en 1929)
Topics mentioned Canton; Constitution; Démocratie directe; Votations
Places mentioned Jura; Delémont; Porrentruy; Franches-Montagnes
Dates mentioned 1974; 24.09.1978
Enclosed Record card
Enclosed Tape accompanying note
Enclosed Production sheets
Call number of the source carrier B 1161-b
Location of the source carrier DEPOSITO SCHLIERBACH (FN); Schlierbach
Number of source carriers 1
Source carrier type Magnetic tape
Brand and model AGFA PER 525
Dimension 1/4 inch
Playback speed 7 1/2 ips
Equalization CCIR
Recording mode Mono
Carrier's condition In gutem Zustand
CDR call number (SBC) B 1161-a/b
Notes/Comments Fluctuation temporelle d'enregistrement (discours d'Aubert). Fin avec musique. B 1161 contient deux enregistrements
Support Document preserved with the support of Memoriav
Call number DAT14067