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SCHMID, Peter A.

* Turitg, 02.10.1959

Clarinetta, Clarinetto basso, Clarinetto in mi bemolle, Clarinetto contrabbasso, Sassofono sopranino, Sassofono soprano, Sassofono contralto, Sassofono tenore, Sassofono baritono, Flauto di bambù, Flauto contralto, Flauta traversa, Flauti traversi, Tubax, Soprillo, Tárogató, Gïun

Peter A. Schmid has been musically active for over 25 years in various groups blurring the boundaries between jazz, improvised music, and modern classical music. Pas is completely fascinated by the very deep wind instruments. Besides bass clarinet, baritone saxophone and bass flute, he also plays contralto and contrabass clarinet and tubaxes in Eb and Bb.

Over the past ten years, duos have increasingly become a favourite form of Pas. Since 2003, he has been playing regular duo concerts in Uster, Switzerland, where he lives with his family. These performances have featured musicians with whom he's played duets for years as well as "new" musicians who have met him for spontaneous improvised concerts, including Vinny Golia, Evan Parker, Pierre Favre, Lukas Niggli, Nils Wogram, Barry Guy, Mathias Ziegler a.o.).

Peter A. Schmid also plays regularly with his quintet September Winds (feat. Evan Parker) and his quartet Schmilz, which puts bass clarinet front and center (with Michel Pilz on bass clarinet).


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