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LÜSCHER, Andreas

* Neuhausen am Rheinfall, 15.05.1953; Drums, Percussions, Bell, Egg-whisk, Wind chimes, Tambourine

Moved with his parents to Mexico in 1957.

At age of 13 he joined a local band as a singer/harmonica player, but soon became the drummer (self-taught) of various rock bands, touring the Mexico City area.

Formal music education at the Conservatory of Music in Mexico City (classical percussion, solfege, theory, music history, choir); first experiences as a percussionist in the Conservatory Orchestra. At the same time, he continued playing drums in rhythm'n blues, blues and funk bands.

After graduation, he played percussion in many symphony orchestras. He was also contracted by many studios and record companies to play for jingles, film music and (Pop) albums.

It was around this time that he discovered his Love to jazz music. From now on he was fully occupied, playing in night clubs, theaters, shows and concerts, accompanying many different Latin TV stars and also playing in jazz formations ranging from trios and quartets to big bands and orchestras, touring all over Mexico, some South American countries and also some City's of the United States.

He was also co-founder of the jazz school in Mexico City, where he taught drums, and gave courses on rhythm section basics, jazz history and led workshops for seven years. He also formed his own jazz trios, quartets and quintets and with these bands played on every-night gigs, at jazz clubs and at concerts. He arranged most of the music for his own bands and was often commissioned to write music for art exhibitions.

In 1987, he decided to leave the American continent and moved to Europe, back to Switzerland, where he soon became one of the most in-demand drummers.

In the past fifteen years, he has toured all over Switzerland and Europe with some of the greatest European musicians, and also with theater productions and musicals. He has performed on TV shows and been a part of many recording sessions as well as in own productions.

Today he is a freelance musician, Arranger and Composer, and is teaching drums and rhythm classes at the Basel Music Academy, also at a youth music school in the suburbs of Basel, and is correspondent of the European Jazz scene for the Jazz Radio "Panorama del jazz" in Mexico City.

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