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KRAMER, Hilaria

* Frauenfeld, 01.06.1967

Trumpet, Flugelhorn

She started playing the trumpet when she was ten. In 1983, she entered the Jazz Conservatory in St. Gallen, studying under Benny Bailey and Art Lande. After attending courses at Siena Jazz in 1985, she started an extensive collaboration with the Claudio Fasoli Quintet, also recording an LP ("For once", Splasc(h) Records).

This was followed by concerts and international collaborations with musicians like Steve Lacy, Enrico Rava, Joe Henderson, Bob Mover, Sal Nistico, Chet Baker, Peter Guidi, Pietro Tonolo, etc.

In 1988, she participated in the project of Gianluigi Trovesi and Paolo Damiani in Roccella Jonica, followed by an international tour. In winter of the same year, she made her first two records under her own name, which came out in the spring of 1989: "Hilaria Kramer Quartet", Unit Rec.; "Hilaria Kramer 6 TRIGON", Splasc(h) Records.

In 1987 and 1988, she taught trumpet and ear training at the Venice music school and at the end of 1989, she participated in the Fe&Males project with the Vienna Art Orchestra.

She teaches seminars in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. In 1990, she played with the EBU Orchestra (European Broadcasting Union) as the musician chosen by Switzerland.

In 1991, she participated in the program "Ladies in Jazz" broadcast by RAI 1 Television, with Rita Marcotulli, Tiziana Simona and Hélène Labarrière.

This was followed by numerous concerts and recordings with musicians such as David Murray, Marilyn Mazur, Luca Flores, Miroslav Vitous and others. After a short pause when her daughter Nina was born in 1994, she started playing again the next year and founded the new group Cyber Soul, with which she currently works in Italy.

She participated as a mentor in CH-NewJazz Festival . tour in 1998. She also participated as an author and sponsor of the Thurgau Region at the Swiss national fair OLMA 98 (Videoclip + Soundtrack "Usse" for Meili Werbung ASW).

In 1999, she worked on project entitled "The Thurgovian All Stars" with Roman Schwaller.

Since 1999, she has played with the Mario Raja Big Bang.

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