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GROGG, Alexandre

* Hawkesbury, 1979


Swiss Canadian, living in Montreal, CA.

After studies in classical piano, Alexandre Grogg started listening to Oscar Peterson and discovered jazz. His new passion led him to Saint-Laurent CEGEP and classes with Lorraine Desmarais. In 1999 he met Guy Nadon and began appearing regularly with Le band du Roi du Drum. He toured Hungary with the Bernard Primeau Jazz Ensemble, then returned to Montreal to record some 15 broadcasts for Radio-Canada La chaîne culturelle, with, among others, Normand Guilbeault, Claude Lavergne and Jean Derome. His first solo performance, in October 2001, was for Radio-Canada Le club de minuit, since rebroadcast three times. In July 2002, Grogg accompanied New York saxophonist David Binney for two concerts in Montreal. Recently awarded a grant from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, he is pursuing his studies in improvisation with Ran Blake in Boston.

[Arild Widerøe]

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