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* Porto, 23.10.1972


Nuno Alexandre (stage name of Nuno Pereira Neves Silva) bought his first upright bass at the age of 18 after playing electric bass for 2 years.

Completely into roots music of the 30's 40's and 50's Nuno starts learning the upright bass by himself , listening and watching as many bass players as he could and trying to develop what later would be his trademark – the slap style that was so common in the New Orleans bass players. He also took lessons from Alberto Jorge, the bass teacher at Porto jazz school. At the age of 21 he went to the USA where he got the chance to play nationwide and make himself well-known due to his slap style technique. After he returned to Europe where he extensively toured with several bands, both european and american.

Some artists/bands that Nuno Alexandre has worked/performed with:

Tennessee boys (P), Silvan Zingg (CH), Bat Battiston & the kids (CH), Marvin Rainwater (USA), Joe Clay (USA), Ruby Ann & the Boppin Boozers (P), Ike and the capers (D), Carl Sonny Leyland (USA), Ricky Nye (USA), Bob Chilsom (USA), Martin Schok (NL), Stefano Franco (I), James Thompson (USA), Alley Kings (P), Dice and the Gamblers (I), Starlighters (I), Greta Holtrop (NL), Fabrice Eurly (F), Renaud Patigny (B), Michael Pewny (A), Jim Carlisle (UK), Jean-Pierre Bertrand (F), Richie Loidl (A), Sophie Kramer (CH), Joja Wendt (D), Chris Conz (CH), Axel Zwingenberger (D), Martin Schmitt (D), Christoph Steinbach (A), Kenny Bluesboss Wayne (USA), Jean-Paul Amouroux (F), Mitch Woods (USA), Little Willie Littlefield (USA), Anke Angel (NL), Lluís Coloma (E) , Philippe Lejeune (F), BoogieBoys (P), Sue Moreno (NL), Rockin' Bonnie and Rut gut shots (I) and many others ...


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