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The disc, if its state of preservation allows it, is first of all washed. The state of preservation of the materials, the type of disc and the number of copies to be treated determine the choice of the type of washing process. Two Keith Monks devices are available for the brush washing of single discs and an ultrasonic device for the simultaneous treatment of several discs together. During this first treatment, the original cover of the disc, which is often in a bad shape, is replaced with an acid free paper envelope lined with polyethylene and an acid free cardboard cover.

All the materials that come into contact with the discs, including the liquids used for washing, have been studied and selected with care by the Swiss National Sound Archives and subsequently tested by EMPA (Federal Laboratory for Materials Testing and Research) to certify their suitability for long-term archiving.

The cylinders, especially those made of wax, can not be washed. If necessary they are just cleaned using a soft brush or a microfiber cloth. The original packaging of the cylinder is replaced with a special acid-free cardboard box.

Washing of 78 rpm/discs

Original covers

Acid free paper envelope lined with polyethylene

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