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Historical recordings from the Swiss National Sound Archives


The documentation (cataloging and scanning of the labels)

The documentation and description of audio carriers make it possible above all to preserve documents in good order and to retrieve them easily. The detailed description of an audio carrier and its content within the database allows us to make a precise and targeted search. General documentation correlated to the carrier is necessary and often even essential. The documents are tied to a context that allows us to explain their origin and history. This contextualizing is useful above all for the historical audio carriers and the collections, as they inform us about small parts of the history of culture that can be highlighted only with this kind of approach. This kind of contextualizing includes the origin and history of the collections, as well as biographies, photos and documents of various kinds that help us to understand their chronological history.

The documentation becomes particularly important when the audio carriers are digitized and the electronic copy preserves the content, but loses the references to the original carrier.

Cataloging elements

In order to optimally document any 78rpm discs, their labels are scanned.
The Phonotheque considers these images auxiliary materials, in complement to cataloging. The images are scanned in color, with a resolution of 300dpi and a size of 640x640 pixels and are stored in the digital archives along with the sound files.




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