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Hi kids,

This space is dedicated to you.

The Swiss National Sound Archives stores everything related to audio, or more precisely to audio recordings, such as music and speech ...

Founded in 1987, the Phonotheque is concerned with the entire Swiss audio heritage. It collects, stores, and documents old and new audio carriers. The content ranges from music to history, from literature to the culture of our country. In our archives you can listen to classical music, folk, jazz and rock-pop. It tells stories for both kids and adults in the four different national languages and it also dabbles in theatrical works.

The audio carriers of the past require particular care. Just think, for instance, of the magnetic tapes that your grandparents used to listen to and that perhaps contain the voice of someone who has left a mark on history ... Well, if necessary, those carriers are "baked" in a special oven by our archivists! And to allow us to listen to them, just think of the wonderful machines that our sound technicians use! And did you know that we wash our discs?

Would you like to see what our archives contain? Then come and visit us! Also, in our database, which is always kept up-to-date and can be consulted online directly from your own home, you will find any information you may want. So what are you waiting for? Try now! But first of all, listen to the brief stories we have prepared for you: they are just a click away!

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