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Raising the Q-bar

The Swiss National Sound Archives, under the slogan Raising the Q(uality) bar initiates, promotes, and participates in a number of projects that aim to optimize the playback quality of each and every sound recording, thus helping to enhance the emotions aroused in the user at the time of listening.


By observing the surface of a record with the assistance of a microscope, the variation of the groove is easily visible. It should be possible to restore the sound starting from a picture of a record! (...)



HearTomorrow seeks to educate and promote awareness of the damage to our hearing caused by continued exposure to loud sounds. And so this initiative has the goal of better learning, better listening, and better sound. (...)


Save the BRSSave the BRS

In a remote corner of the world, even if in reality it is not so remote, as it is located near Soweto, Johannesburg, and Pretoria, the largest cities in South Africa, we discovered quite by chance a structure dedicated to the world of sound simply fantastic. It is the BOP Recording Studios & Resort (BRS), designed and built in the early nineties by Swiss architect Thomas Rast and world-renowned acoustician Tom Hidley. (...)



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