Save the BRS

A techno-campaign, driven by passion


What is the BRS?

BOP Recording Studios is the result of merging the visionary genius of Tom Hidley, Thomas Rast, Shozo Kinoshita, and state-of-the-art technology leaders, such as Focusrite, Neve, Solid State Logic, Mitsubishi, Sony, Studer, to name a few. In other words - BRS is an all things audio facility second to none – the architecture is amazing, the acoustics is unparalleled, the layout is just perfect!

What's up with the BRS?

Simple to explain, hard to digest – from the very beginning, the BRS had the misfortune to go through difficult political situations at country level; at some point it was run by unscrupulous people with no a long term visions; it was not given the care it required... and eventually got almost completely switched off!

What is the value of the BRS?

The BRS is a tangible representation of the mentality, targeting the best sound recording quality, of the late 80's, continuously developed, up to the state of our current digital world, and beyond. Nothing happened by chance: from its foundations, to the choice of materials, to the construction, to the selection of the technical gear. It should be, as a whole, considered an asset of the world's cultural heritage. A recognition in that sense would be a generous gift to the human kind, now and in the future.

The mission/destination of the BRS

A sound recording studio of such a size is no longer profitable when relying on the sole recording activities. Its business model will be broadened, orienting its activities to many other areas related to audio. Turning it into an Academy of Audio Sciences is probably the most viable way to go. This option would allow lots of engineers around the world to take advantage of all the beauties of this facility.

The role of the music business

Reviving the BRS, in whatever form, will cost money, a large amount of money, although in our world everything is relative. As an example: if iTunes would pay 0.05 cents (cents, not dollars!) per song sold so far to the BRS, that would cover the entire recap of the equipment, the full maintenance of the property, the launch of the new business... forever.

Who's supporting the BRS?

How can YOU help?

  • Spread the word: talk to your family, to your friends, to your colleagues, at all levels. Try to build up enthusiasm about and around the BRS.
  • Support the Save the BRS campaign: navigate this website and its links. If you like it, or if you just feel you want to do something for it, you may add the Save the BRS logo to your emails.
  • Volunteer: we will need a number of volunteers in the near future, with various skills, for reviving the BRS. If you are interested, please drop us a line indicating a possible time-frame and conditions.
  • Sponsor: if you're interested in sponsoring a particular action (for instance: refurbishing the air-con system, or the power plant, or the internal wooden floors, etc.), please let us know.
  • Donate: donations are always welcome.
  • Invest: venture capitalists, as well as other investors may find a great opportunity here.

For all inquiries please contact