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Direct cut 78rpm records with shrunk lacquer

Broken disk

"Le Séducteur"

SSR Radio Lausanne,
09.10.1942, 32 sec, 1032KB


Direct cut 78 rpm records


Serenade to Eileen

Edward Sears,
Conducted by Cédric Dumont
(Radio-Genossenschaft Basel),
09.03.1950, 3 min 22 sec, 3171 KB



U.O.B Cédric Dumont,
09.03.1950, 34 sec, 268 KB


Shellac 78 rpm records


Addio a la caserma

Canzonetta militare ticinese, 1929
1 min 26 sec , 1348 KB


Arrival of the British troops in France - Part 1

Descriptive (A. H. Brooks & H. C. Ridout), 1916
31 sec, 495 KB


Quintet en ré majeur

Allegro, J.C. Bach
1 min 19 sec, 620 KB


Special cases


Record with thin shrinkage of the lacquer coating

P. Burkhard, ~1950
49 sec, 774 KB


Record with fungus

Ouverture zu der Schuss von der Kanzel
P. Burkhard, Studio Orchester Beromünster, 16.01.1947
22 sec, 347 KB

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