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Team Members

pointer Stefano S. Cavaglieri, Initiator and intellectual author of the projet


pointer Pio Pellizzari, Head of the Swiss National Sound Archives
pointer Pierre Hemmer


pointer Ottar Johnsen
pointer Rolf Ingold, info
pointer Frédéric Bapst, info
pointer Thierry Fumey, info

pointer Lionel Seydoux


Former Members
pointer Sylvain Stotzer
pointer Cédric Milan
pointer Christoph Sudan


Former Students
pointer Claude Jacquat
pointer Yannick Fonjallaz
pointer Michel Yerly
pointer Noé Lutz
pointer Carlos Rodrigues
pointer Cesare Stacchi
pointer David Zimmerman
pointer Karin Altorfer
pointer Simon Gremaud
pointer Nicolas Bosi
pointer Olivier Chassot
pointer Cédric Miauton
pointer Yves Pauchard
pointer Jean-Philippe Berset
pointer Alain Dominé
pointer Sylvain Glatz
pointer Sladjan Milanovic
pointer Federica Rusconi


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