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This section presents the commercial novelties cataloged and preserved in the archives of the Phonotheque.

One commercial novelty is randomly presented for each sector. By clicking on the titles (in red) of the selected documents, you may listen the first 30 seconds of each track.

Furthermore, by clicking on the various sector headings (Classic, Folk, Jazz, Rock & Pop, and Spoken) you may display the lists of all commercial novelties, received by the Phonotehque and cataloged in the last 60 days.

Documents are presented in chronological descending order (more recent ones on top). For sound documents it is possible to listen to the first 30 seconds of each track by clicking on the icon loudspeaker. Every list is generated in real time, it is therefore possible that one or more documents appear during the day. For the same reason the all latest documents are, for a certain time, only visible but not audible.


cover New Choral voices, Vol. 3. Coro volante; Brett Scott, conductor. Kyle Pederson, Joe L. Alexander, David Rossel, Annie Pasqua, Katherine Saxon, Federico Lopez, Trimor Dhomi, Michael Sidney Timpson, Calum Carswell, Lisa Nardi, Andrea Montalbano, Nick di Bernardino, Matteo Bertolina, Arnaud Juliot
Contents: Five solas (PEDERSON Kyle) / Summer sounds beckon me (ALEXANDER Joe L.) / Cuncti simus concanentes (ROSSEL David) / I remember (PASQUA Annie) / Tsuki ga dete = The moon rises (SAXON Katherine) / The white locust tree (LOPEZ Federico) / Paraphrase (ROSSEL David) / Come away death (DHOMI Trimor) / Christ lay in the bonds of death (TIMPSON Michael Sidney) / Letter from the front (CARSWELL Calum) / Alleluia (Hear me as I sing) (NARDI Lisa) / Su Monte Mario (MONTALBANO Andrea) / Polorum Regina (ROSSEL David) / God's grandeur (DIBERARDINO Nick) / Spiritus omnium (PEDERSON Kyle) / Vera e Verno (BERTOLINA Matteo) / Jubilate Deo (JULIOT Arnaud)
Performers: CORO VOLANTE, SCOTT Brett
Label: ABLAZE RECORDS ar-00046


cover Michelle Ryser: Volks-Country
Contents: Jetzt wird aufgedreht (ALTENRIED Uwe, ALTENRIED Simone) / Erwachsen ist man lang genug (ALTENRIED Uwe, WESSELY Peter, WESSELY Gaby) / Yipieeieee endlich Sommer (ALTENRIED Uwe, ALTENRIED Simone) / Wo wo wo ich dä Maa (REEFS Bert, SCHIRMANN Michael, BRUNNER Maja, MUSTAC Tommy) / Mein Herzel bumpert (HANSLBAUER Klaus, ALTENRIED Simone, ALTENRIED Uwe) / Ach du Schreck (ALTENRIED Uwe, ALTENRIED Simone) / Tiger im Tank (SCHÖNENBERGER Flipper, ALTENRIED Uwe) / E häue Stärn (ALTENRIED Uwe, RYSER Michelle) / Ich will Rockn Roll (ALTENRIED Uwe, ALTENRIED Simone) / Schokomaus (ALTENRIED Uwe, ALTENRIED Simone) / Das macht Spass (ALTENRIED Uwe, BRANDENBURG Maik) / Hey du (ALTENRIED Uwe, BRUNNER Maja) / Mein Herz sagt Danke (ALTENRIED Uwe, ALTENRIED Simone) / Giddy on up (SHIMSHACK Michael John, COHEN Jeff, BUNDY Laura Bell, ALTENRIED Uwe) / Country roads (DENVER John, DANOFF Bill, DANOFF Mary Catherine, ALTENRIED Uwe) / All you ever do (MALO Raul, ANDERSON Al, ALTENRIED Uwe) / Cowboy Yoddle Song (DANIELSSON Kikki, ALTENRIED Uwe) / Chattahoochee (MC-BRIDE Jim, JACKSON Alan, ALTENRIED Uwe) / Jambalaya (WILLIAMS Hank, ALTENRIED Uwe) / Country Medley (ZANT Ronnie van, ROSSINGTON Gary Robert, KING Edward C., TRESS Donald L. von, BRATHEN Bjorn Terje, COVERDALE David, MOODY Micky, MARESCA Ernest Peter, ALTENRIED Uwe) / Somebody like you (SHANKS John M., URBAN Keith Lionel, ALTENRIED Uwe) / Let's go to Vegas (STALEY Karen R., ALTENRIED Uwe) / Let your momma go (TAYLER Ann, ALTENRIED Uwe) / It happens (BUSH Kristian, NETTLES Jennifer, PINSON Bobby, ALTENRIED Uwe) / Every little thing (CARTER Carlene, ANDERSON Al, ALTENRIED Uwe) / Far & away (ROHR Tommy von, ALTENRIED Uwe)
Performers: RYSER Michelle, RAGGENBASS Rolf, ARNOLD Natascha, ALTENRIED Uwe, RUEGG Dominik, LOPEZ Manuel, BJÖRKLUND Mats


cover Michael von der Heide: Rio Amden Amsterdam
Contents: Eiskalter Sommer / Ce soir / In dieser Stadt / Tüüf underemn Schnee / Träume / Ein Tag aus Papier / Abschied von der Nacht / S'il pleuvait des larmes / Zuhause konnte ich es noch / Il est mort le soleil / Kurz vor acht / Etrange garçon
Performers: HEIDE Michael von der (voc m), SIMMONS Daniela (voc f), STERN Adrian (g), WILD Marcel (Fisa), HEIDI HAPPY (voc f), TRUMMER Marvin (Pianoforte a coda, p, Piano elettrico Wurlitzer, ho), POUSAZ André (cb, E-Bass), PARATTE Maxime (d), FESSLER Thomas (g), KALEIDOSCOPE STRING QUARTET, SPIEGEL Ronny (v), HEGGENDORN Simon (v), SCHNEE David (va), GRÜEBLER Cécile (vc), THOENI Lukas (tp, flh), DURRER David (ts), WYSS Lukas (tb), MESSINA Antonello (Fisa)
Label: 4062851952354

Rock & Pop

cover Michelle Ryser: Volks-Country
Contents: Jetzt wird aufgedreht / Erwachsen ist man lang genug / Yipieeieee endlich Sommer / Wo wo wo ich dä Maa / Mein Herzel bumpert / Ach du Schreck / Tiger im Tank / E häue Stärn / Ich will Rockn Roll / Schokomaus / Das macht Spass / Hey du / Mein Herz sagt Danke / Giddy on up / Country roads / All you ever do / Cowboy Yoddle Song / Chattahoochee / Jambalaya / Country Medley / Somebody like you / Let's go to Vegas / Let your momma go / It happens / Every little thing / Far & away
Performers: RYSER Michelle, RAGGENBASS Rolf, ARNOLD Natascha, ALTENRIED Uwe, RUEGG Dominik, LOPEZ Manuel, BJÖRKLUND Mats


cover Young world 2. English class 4. Audio CD
Contents: Say it in English / Unit 1 / Unit 2 / Unit 3 / Unit 4 / Unit 5 / Halloween / Pancake day
Label: KLETT

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