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This section presents the commercial novelties cataloged and preserved in the archives of the Phonotheque.

One commercial novelty is randomly presented for each sector. By clicking on the titles (in red) of the selected documents, you may listen the first 30 seconds of each track.

Furthermore, by clicking on the various sector headings (Classic, Folk, Jazz, Rock & Pop, and Spoken) you may display the lists of all commercial novelties, received by the Phonotehque and cataloged in the last 60 days.

Documents are presented in chronological descending order (more recent ones on top). For sound documents it is possible to listen to the first 30 seconds of each track by clicking on the icon loudspeaker. Every list is generated in real time, it is therefore possible that one or more documents appear during the day. For the same reason the all latest documents are, for a certain time, only visible but not audible.


cover Schumann: Myrten. Sophie Koch, Nelson Goerner
Contents: Myrthen. Liederkreis für Gesang und Klavier, op. 25 (RÜCKERT Friedrich, GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von, MOSEN Julius, BURNS Robert, GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von, GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von, HEINE Heinrich, GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von, GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von, BURNS Robert, RÜCKERT Friedrich, RÜCKERT Friedrich, BURNS Robert, BURNS Robert, BYRON George Gordon, BYRON George Gordon, MOORE Thomas, MOORE Thomas, BURNS Robert, BURNS Robert, HEINE Heinrich, BURNS Robert, BURNS Robert, HEINE Heinrich, RÜCKERT Friedrich, RÜCKERT Friedrich, SCHUMANN Robert)
Performers: KOCH Sophie, GOERNER Nelson


Jean-Jacques Birgé: Perspectives du XXIIe siècle = Perspectives for the 22nd century
Contents: Éternelle (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / L'indésir (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / MEG 2152 (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Renaissance (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Les jambes (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Hibakusha (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Aksak tripalium (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Triage au sort (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Larmes de crocodile (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Variationstrieb (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Gwerz de l'âme juste (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Au loup (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Les champs les plus beaux (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / De vallées en vallées (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Berceuse ionique (BIRGE Jean-Jacques) / Ensemble ratatam (BIRGE Jean-Jacques)
Performers: BIRGE Jean-Jacques, ABRISHAMI Homeira, BASSY Blick, CARLUCCI Rafael, PARADO DEJORAS Vilma, DIMINESCU Dana, EDSJÖ Linda, GAJO Jalal, GOMEZ RAMIREZ Alba, KERINSKA Nikoleta, LECLAIR Madeleine, LYREGAARD Brigitte, MAY Gary, MOURTZAKIS Manolis, PRANGENBERG Anna, STACHOWSKI Monika, VALLERGA Valentina, YIP Sun Sun, CHEDMAIL Nicolas, LEMETRE Sylvain, BIRGE Elsa, VROD Jean-François, HOANG Antonin-Tri
Label: MEG MEG-AIMP 118


cover Eva Kess: Sternschnuppen - Falling stars
Contents: Ikigai / Porto Alegre / Love is / The subseguent use of yesteryear and futurity / Sternschnuppen / Experimental dreaming / Let the miracle unfold / Many black dots / Penta piece
Performers: MILLIOUD Vincent (v), ANDRES Susanna (v), ROHR Nao (va), HUBER Ambrosius (vc), SCHWANINGER Simon (p), KESS Eva (cb), LEIBUNDGUT Philipp (d)
Label: NEU KLANG NCD4230

Rock & Pop

cover Load: Superego
Contents: Redemption is not dying but to kill / Black knight satellite / Cover your tracks / What's left of me / Emerald eyes / Red riding hood / Dark madonna / Stranger to the world / No end in sight / Your days will never come / Great big white world


cover Gottfried Keller: Sieben Legenden
Contents: Vorwort / Eugenia (KELLER Gottfried) / Die Jungfrau und der Teufel (KELLER Gottfried) / Die Jungfrau als Ritter (KELLER Gottfried) / Die Jungfrau und die Nonne (KELLER Gottfried) / Der schlimm-heilige Vitalis (KELLER Gottfried) / Dorotheas Blumenkörbchen (KELLER Gottfried) / Das Tanzlegendchen (KELLER Gottfried)
Performers: MATIC Peter, MINICHMAYR Birgit, MAERTENS Michael, VISCHER Martin, MATTES Eva, NOETHEN Ulrich, LYSSEWSKI Dörte
Label: SINUS 1035

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