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This section presents the commercial novelties cataloged and preserved in the archives of the Phonotheque.

One commercial novelty is randomly presented for each sector. By clicking on the titles (in red) of the selected documents, you may listen the first 30 seconds of each track.

Furthermore, by clicking on the various sector headings (Classic, Folk, Jazz, Rock & Pop, and Spoken) you may display the lists of all commercial novelties, received by the Phonotehque and cataloged in the last 60 days.

Documents are presented in chronological descending order (more recent ones on top). For sound documents it is possible to listen to the first 30 seconds of each track by clicking on the icon loudspeaker. Every list is generated in real time, it is therefore possible that one or more documents appear during the day. For the same reason the all latest documents are, for a certain time, only visible but not audible.


cover Handel's: Tea Time. Dorothee Mields, Die Freitagsakademie
Contents: Venus & Adonis. Cantata for soprano, oboe and basso continuo, HWV 85 = Kantate für Sopran, Oboe un Basso continuo, HWV 85 (HÄNDEL Georg Friedrich) / Concerto à quattro, for oboe, violin, cello and basso continuo, in D minor = Concerto à quattro, für Oboe, Violine, Violoncello und Basso Continuo, in d-moll (HÄNDEL Georg Friedrich) / 24 English songs, for soprano, oboe, violin and basso continuo, HWV 228 = 24 English songs, für Sopran, Oboe, Violine and Basso continuo, HWV 228 (HÄNDEL Georg Friedrich) / Trio sonata, for oboe, violin and basso continuo, HWV 384, in G major = Triosonate, für Oboe, Violine und Basso continuo, HWV 384, in G-dur (HÄNDEL Georg Friedrich) / Mi palpita il cor. Cantata for soprano, oboe and basso continuo, HWV 132b = Kantate für Sopran, Oboe und Basso continuo, HWV 132b (HÄNDEL Georg Friedrich) / Suite, no. 5, HWV 430, in E major = Suite Nr. 5, HWV 430, in E-dur (HÄNDEL Georg Friedrich) / 9 German arias, for soprano, obligatory instrument and basso continuo = 9 Deutsche Arien, für Sopran, obligates Instrument und Basso continuo (HÄNDEL Georg Friedrich) / O let me weep (PURCELL Henry)
Performers: MIELDS Dorothee, DIE FREITAGSAKADEMIE, BERNHARD Markus, SUSKE Katharina, KOROL Ilia, MATE Balázs, WIENAND Sebastian, RUBIN Jonathan


cover Gitta: Landuf landab
Contents: Musig und frohi Lieder (MOERI Margrit, TSCHALLENER Alexius) / Am Undersee (MOERI Margrit, METTLER Philipp) / S'Dörfli (MOERI Margrit, TSCHALLENER Alexius) / Chum mit mir uf d'Bergeshöh (MOERI Margrit, TSCHALLENER Alexius) / Im Wyland (MOERI Margrit) / Chilbi uf de Alp (bim Ruedi) (MOERI Margrit) / Mys Ländli (MOERI Margrit, TSCHALLENER Alexius) / Sing mit mir e Lied (MOERI Margrit, TSCHALLENER Alexius) / Le chevrier (DORET Gustav, GIRARD Pierre) / Concoursstimmig (MOERI Margrit) / I de Älplibar (CAVENG Rico) / Guggerzytli (WEBER Paul, MEIER Sigi) / Grüezi seit me i de ganze Schwyz (BEUL Arthur) / Am Himmel stoht es Sternli (BEUL Arthur)
Performers: GITTA, CAVENG Rico, NAUER Martin, RODERER Helena, KLÖTI Sevil


cover Traktorkestar: Ostring
Contents: The fine line / Uf dere Syte vor Stadt / S 431 DT / Kakerlaken / Agatha / Bucimis / Ruth / Freudenberg / Eisbahn / If it can it will / Morgeflug
Performers: TRAKTORKESTAR, LÜTHY Thierry (ts, p, bar), JÄGGI Simon (Voce), RITTER Isabelle, SCHWAB Simeon (as, cl, bar), ZINGG Samuel (SD, Effetti sonori speciali), HÄNNI Fabian (perc), DUCOMMUN Philippe (Gran cassa), EICHER Stephan (Voce), STREIT Balthasar (tp), WAGNER Charley (tp), WÜRGLER Sam (tp), HODEL Stefan (tb, Flicorno contralto), WIDMER Maro (tb, Flicorno contralto, Effetti sonori speciali), BAUMANN Matthias (tb, Flicorno contralto, synth), LERCH Jürg (sou, tu), SCHMIDHAUSER Schmidi (Voce, Glockenspiel, Tres)

Rock & Pop

cover Adrian Sieber: You, me & everything else
Contents: The soft revolution / Somebody pick up the phone / I.O.U. / You, me & everything else pt. 1 / Liliger / No other love / Tightrope (oops-a-daisy!) / You, me & everything else pt. 2 / Keep your head up / Ricochet / You, me & everything else pt. 3
Performers: SIEBER Adrian
Label: 0082385PHO


cover Kasperli. Achtung, Chinde: Anesitze, Ohre spitze! De Pischima ufem Burehof. De Schoggidieb und die flügendi Banane. Mit David Bröckelmann, Fabienne Hadorn, Nik Hartmann und Claudio Zuccolini
Contents: De Pischima ufem Burehof (HARTMANN Nik) / De Schoggidieb und die flügendi Banane (HARTMANN Nik)
Performers: BRÖCKELMANN David, HADORN Fabienne, HARTMANN Nik, ZUCCOLINI Claudio

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