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Pictures in progress

We are re-shooting and completing all photographs of the sound carriers presented in the section "Our activities" of our website (link). We did not immediately recognize the difficulties we were going to face. An example is the Laser Disc: its surface is a mirror, we want to see its front side, perfectly round, but no reflections from the surroundings. Is it possible, and if so, how? Our photographer accepted the challenge and cleverly solved the trivia.

Photo shooting studio

with a technological installation...

and at the end of the session, adding a touch of creativity

Creative view af a laser disc


Listening test

The Internet, as a channel, is increasingly used for disseminating recorded sounds, which we often consume, i.e. we listen to, straight from the devices connected therein. Our PC, mobile phone, mp3 player, etc. are fully equipped with more or less sophisticated listening facilities, ending in a pair of loudspeakers or headphones. Have you ever wondered if their quality is high enough? Or, in the case of headphones, if you wear it correctly? Or if the surrounding environment allows you a decent listening?

As a starting point, take this simple test:

  1. Adjust the volume of your listening device to a medium-high level.

  2. In the player below, select the track you want to listen to and concentrate on what you hear.

    To load the player, please enable JavaScript or upgrade to the latest HTML5 compatible browser.


  1. Can you hear all 3 tones (low, middle, high) clearly, and at the same volume?
    You've got the foundations for a good listening quality.

  2. Can you barely, if at all, hear the lower tone?
    If you're using loudspeakers, you may do better by replacing it; if you're using headphones, you probably do not wear it properly.

  3. Can you barely, if at all, hear the higher tone?
    Something's broken with your loudspeakers or headphones. The Swiss National Sound Archives promotes, in its educational program, listening training.

For further information, please see the HearTomorrow project page.

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