Save the BRS

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A trip to Mafikeng

Photo-album by Miriam B.C.

A chalet of the BRS Resort

Sunday afternoon – my wife and I leave home heading to Milan. Everything goes on smoothly: transfer to the airport, check-in, security control, waiting lounge, flight to Frankfurt, connection to long-haul flight. Later on: boarding on an A380 giant, good service, good food, the plane is very quite, some sleep.

Monday morning – arrival at Johannesburg. I get a phone call while disembarking the plane: "There's a problem with your ground transfer to Mafikeng, will take care of you personally." Wow, it's the owner of BRS! First impression is very positive, good feeling, this trip will be successful.

Monday afternoon – arrival at Mafikeng. The BRS resort is nice, the staff is very friendly, the bungalow (or chalet as they name it) is much better than expected. We unpack, get an afternoon tea, rest a bit, familiarize with some beautiful birds and other little guests sharing the resort with us.

The BRS Studio complex

Monday night – dinner with Saj and Lesia (the owner of the BRS and his wife). Friendly people, good food and drinks, cozy ambiance. It's been a long day, the girls discretely retreat, I get my first tour of the studio complex.

Can't believe my eyes, I'm literally speechless, don't know whether to laugh or to cry for joy. I have never, ever seen anything getting even close to these studios in my entire life! Can't believe I'm really there, I feel very lucky.

Tuesday-Friday – it is sunny, the temperature is mild. I get familiar with the studios and the whole facility, with the neighborhood, visit a number of organizations having some sort of a connection to (personally would say needing) the BRS. Lots of brainstorming, some math – I'm definitely willing to do as much as I can for the BRS. Let's try getting more people enthusiastic, involved, feeling the real value and the importance of getting the BRS back to the place it deserves.

SatThe BRS Studio 1urday – sightseeing, from Mafikeng to Johannesburg, stopping by at Sun City. It is an amazing country, worth more than a visit.

Sunday – our journey gently comes to an end. Some more sightseeing, this time across Jo'burg, some shopping. Didn't know how serious this shopping plaza is, absolutely competing with all best places around the world. If you're a petrol-head - you'll find all the most exotic cars and latest models; if you're a techie – the latest gadgets are all there, just waiting for you; if you're more glamor oriented – no problem, world fashion designers are all there as well.

Sunday night – check-in, security control, a quick snack, take-off from Johannesburg. Again, everything goes on smoothly, the only change being my mood – I'm happy to get back home, to rejoin the kids, the dog, the colleagues at work. On the other hand I'm kind of sad – you may call it longing for Africa, I would rather say longing for the BRS.