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The audio carriers are documented and cataloged in the FN-Base database. The documentation can be consulted through the Phonotheque (FN) catalog.

FN documents may be consulted, first of all, through the FN-Base catalog. Documents protected by copyright may be listened to through the FN network of Listening points on the Swiss territory.
Documents not protected by copyright and documents in which the rights are held by the FN are freely accessible (from your home) through the FN website.

For legal and preservation reasons, physical audio carriers are not available on loan. They must be consulted in the place where they are stored.
Working copies of FN documents may only be made in special cases (see below).

Special cases for copying:

Copy request for private use
By virtue of an agreement with SUISA (the Swiss Cooperative Society of Music Authors and Publishers), IFPI Switzerland (International Federation of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms), and SIG (the Swiss association of performing artists), the FN is authorized to make copies of the sound recordings stored in its archives which are no longer commercially available and are protected by copyright provided such copies are exclusively for personal use. Persons requesting copies for their personal use are required to sign a statement confirming that the copies obtained from the FN will only be used privately or for teaching purposes. Scientific sound documents, non commercial sound carriers from the SUISA deposit, and historic radio broadcasts are subject to additional restrictions on use.

Documents requested for commercial/public usage
Documents for commercial/public usage are documents requested for projects such as museum exhibits, record productions, etc.
The use of FN documents for commercial or public purposes is subject to the conclusion of specific agreements with the FN. Moreover, such usages are covered by the legal prescriptions regulating copyrights and neighbouring rights.
The FN first examines each request for commercial/public usage; when a project is accepted, the FN becomes a co-producer in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions. Application form for cooperation.

(*)The FN does not provide documents in its archives, which are not protected by copyright, for public use via Internet (youtube; myspace; facebook; …): the FN already makes those documents accessible to the public through its website in accordance with its own internal criteria.

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